Board of Elections decide against a sheriff recount

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HIAWASSEE, Ga – In a called meeting on Saturday, August 29, the Towns County Board of Elections and Registration deemed not to move forward with a Towns Sheriff recount.

At the time of Fetch Your News published article about the State Senate District 50 recount, the most recent confirmed information was that a sheriff recount taking place simultaneously as the senate race. FYN learned of the decision not to recall the sheriff race on Monday.

The Board of Elections decided not to move forward with the request to recall the sheriff election based on Georgia law. In O.C.G.A. 21-2-495, it states that the candidate request for a recount must be issued within two days of election certification. Osborn made his request two days prior to Towns certifying its results. Since the request was made before Towns certified the election, the letter was considered void by Georgia law.

The second reason behind denying the recount is that the board of elections couldn’t determine any error in the election process. Also, in O.C.G.A. 21-2-495, it states that if “a discrepancy in the returns recorded for any voting machine or machines or that an error, although not apparent on the face of the returns, exists, the superintendent shall, either of his or her motion or upon the sworn petition of three electors of any precinct, order a recanvass of the votes shown on that particular machine or machines.” The board of elections couldn’t find any argument that would constitute a recount or recanvasing of the vote.

The voter challenges issued in the sheriff’s race are still being investigated, however.

As for the recount of the State Senate District 50, Bo Hatchett picked up two votes with the final tally being in favor of Stacy Hall 1,878 to Hatchett’s 1,684.

Hatchett’s two new votes came from adjudicated ballots, where the machine misread those votes the first time around. Adjudicated ballots are a result of ballots being impaired or unreadable in someway.

Hall committed to staying in the race until every vote is counted

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HIAWASSEE, Ga – The question of who will be the Republican nominee for Georgia Senate District 50 is still unanswered following Tuesday night’s runoff election. With 100 percent reporting, only 34 votes separate candidates Stacy Hall and Bo Hatchett, and Hall’s pledged to remain in the race until all votes are in.

Each candidate held the lead at some point on election night, but the latest total favored Hatchett. Around midnight on Tuesday, Hall announced to his followers on social media that his campaign would be canvasing every board of elections office for any uncounted votes.

On Wednesday at 4 p.m., he announced that his campaign has confirmed that “there are still absentee, provisional, and overseas ballots still to be counted.”

The number of outstanding votes outweighs the current margin of difference in votes between Hall and Hatchett.

“I appreciate everyone’s patience as we await the final tally.  Ivy and I remain incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support and well wishes,” said Hall.

Our campaign has confirmed that there are still absentee, provisional, and overseas ballots still to be counted. The…

Posted by VOTE STACY HALL on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Hall has a current vote total of 12,448 (49.93%), and he won seven out of eight District 50 counties. Hatchett has received 12,482 (50.07%). Both are from Habersham County, which Hatchett carried with 63 percent of the vote. Hall also serves as Habersham Commission Chairman.

Once all the votes are counted, if less a percentage difference remains, candidates can call for a recount.

As for Hatchett, he and his campaign “feel good about where we are, this race was very competitive, and we don’t have final results yet. We believe the people in each election commission office will do their due diligence to ensure every vote is counted.”

Hatchett is a lawyer from Cornelia, Ga.

The Cornelia lawyer also thanked his supporters for helping him to run a “positive campaign.” Hatchett also hoped that the tight District 50 race reminds “ALL fellow Republicans that every vote truly matters.”

See Towns County vote totals, here. 

Watch Georgia Senate District 50 Republican Debate LIVE 6:30pm on

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Watch Georgia State Senate District 50 Republican Debate LIVE at 6:30pm on

Georgia’s State Senate District 50 Runoff will be August 11th. Early voting begins July 20th. Watch Republican Bo Hatchett and Republican Stacy Hall in a LIVE debate tonight at 6:30pm as they join Moderator Brian K. Pritchard in a debate sponsored by the Jackson County GOP.

Tune in to see where your candidate stands on the issues. Just click on July 17th at 6:30 pm or download our app

L-R Bo Hatchett & Stacy Hall

More candidates consider entering District 50 race

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District 50

RABUN COUNTY, Ga – Habersham attorney, Thomas “Bo” Hatchett announced late Monday night that he’s considering entering the District 50 state senate seat race. He joins several Republicans who are deliberating their decisions.

In a Facebook statement, Hatchett said:

“To my friends, my family, and my community: Since Senator John K. Wilkinson’s announcement to run for the vacant U.S. House seat in Washington, I have been approached by several members of the community and members of the local bar encouraging me to run for the vacant seat in Senate District 50. I’d like to thank Senator Wilkinson for zealously fighting for our north Georgia values as our loyal Senator. I’d also like to thank my boss and mentor, Dennis Cathey, for his belief in me and his wise guidance as I consider running. Finally, I’d like to thank my family for their unwavering support: my wife, Ashley, my daughters, my parents Tommy and Nora, and everyone else who has reached out to encourage me to run. The community’s faith in me to continue to represent our values plays an imperative part in my decision. I ask that my family be in your prayers as we make this important decision.”

District 50 Candidates

The Habersham County Commission Chairman Stacy Hall quickly announced his candidacy after Senator John Wilkinson entered the U.S. House race last week. Prior Hall stated he wouldn’t run for reelection to the Habersham Board of Commissioners.

Stacy Hall, Habersham Commission Chairman

In a statement, Hall released, “I am truly grateful and humbled by the overwhelming support and encouragement throughout the district to run for the State Senate seat currently held by John K. Wilkinson. After much prayer and speaking with many individuals across the district, along with the encouragement of my wife Ivy Copeland Hall and our children, I have decided to run for Georgia Senate District 50. If elected, I plan to represent you in fighting for our North Georgia values and Constitutional Rights.”

Hall plans to finish out his term as Habersham commissioner.

Another elected official debating entering the race is state District 8 Rep. Matt Gurtler (R-GA), who previously informed Fetch Your News that he was weighing his options for “the 9th Congressional or the 50th State Senate seat.”

Matt Gurtler

Matt Gurtler, State House District 8 Representative

Gurtler’s currently in the midst of a reelection campaign for District 8 and is facing former Enotah Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge Stan Gunter.

District 50 covers Towns, Rabun, Habersham, Banks, Stephens, Franklin, and parts of Jackson and Hall counties.

Stay with Fetch Your News as this race and others continue to develop.

51st District State Senate Candidates on FYN’s Candidate Day

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Steve Gooch and John Williamson speak on FYN’s Candidate Day for the citizens on the eve of the election day.

Senator Steve Gooch 3/31/16


State Senator Steve Gooch of District 51 talks legislation for Georgia and Voting Questions.

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Terror and Failures on Easter and 9th District Political Ads.

Williamson Announces for Georgia Senate Seat in the 51st District


John Williamson, a 34 year resident of Gilmer County, announced today that he has qualified for the 51st District Senate seat in the May 24th Republican primary.  “I am dissatisfied with the paths taken by our legislative leaders, especially with their increased taxation. Rather than sitting back and complaining I decided to take action, to volunteer to be a part of the political process and do what I can to move the ship of state back to common sense Republican ideals.  I want to give the voters in the 51st district a choice, one that values transparency; a choice to break away from the entrenched power politics that intimidates us in North Georgia and responds only to the wishes of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and the corporations that want to force their values on us and our state.  I recognize the difficulties of making a significant change in our state government, but I can promise you that my votes will reflect our shared values.”

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