9th District Congressional Candidates on FYN’s Candidate Day

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Mike Scupin, Roger Fitzpatrick, Paul Broun, Doug Collins, and Bernie Fontaine speak on FYN’s Candidate Day for the citizens on the eve of the election day.

Lumpkin County Republican Party 51st State Senate District, 9th Congressional District, and U.S. Senate Forum


Lumpkin County Republican Party Forum 4/30/2016.

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mary kay derrick

Republican Primary U.S. Senate Candidates Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao and Mr. Derrick Grayson

john steve

Republican Primary 51st District State Senate Candidates John Williamson and Steve Gooch

9th group

Republican Primary 9th Congressional District Candidates Roger Fitzpatrick, Paul Broun, Bernie Fontaine and Mike Scupin


TEA Party of Gilmer County 9th District Debate; Paul Broun and Roger Fitzpatrick have heated exchange over the topic of ethics.


TEA Party of Gilmer County host 9th district debate. Candidates left to right: Mike Scupin, Paul Broun, Roger Fitzpatrick, Bernie Fontaine.

Congressman Doug Collins did not attend.

A must watch video.

Union County Republican Party / Union-Towns TEA Party 51st State Senate District, 9th Congressional District, and U.S. Senate Forum

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Union County Republican Party / Union -Towns TEA Party Forum 4/30/2016.

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forum moderator

Moderator Brian K. Pritchard

Republican U.S. Senate Candidates Dr. Mary Beth Bacallao and Mr. Derrick Grayson

john steve

51st District State Senate Republican Candidates John Williamson and Steve Gooch

9th group

Republican 9th District Congressional Candidates Roger Fitzpatrick, Paul Broun, Bernie Fontaine and Mike Scupin


Challengers Blast Congressman Collins In Live Debate Broadcast on FYN TV

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ELLIJAY, Ga. — In a fiery hour-long debate broadcast live on FYN TV and moderated by Fetch Your News owner Brian K. Pritchard Friday, four challengers — Paul Broun, Mike Scupin, Roger Fitzpatrick and Bernie Fontaine — took turns attacking Georgia’s 9th District Congressman Doug Collins on issues ranging from his support of President Obama’s Omnibus bill to what they see as his less than conservative voting record.

Fitzpatrick, a long time educator from White County, said Collins’ voting record is not representative of the 9th District, which he called, “the third most conservative district in the entire United States. If you look at the Conservative Review website, which grades everybody according to the original intent of the Constitution, Mr. Collins has a 59 percent voting record,” Fitzpatrick said.

By far the number one issue his opponents used to batter Collins was the Omnibus bill which most conservatives view with contempt because it provides funding for the Dreamer’s Act for children in the U.S. illegally, sanctuary cities, refugee programs, Middle East immigration programs that have been exploited by terrorists and Planned Parenthood.

Former 10th District U.S. Congressman Paul Broun said “The greatest moral issue we face as a nation is the killing of over one million babies every year and it must stop. The Omnibus bill funds Planned Parenthood while they go on butchering babies and selling baby parts.”

Broun added, “I have never voted for an omnibus bill and I never will.”
That gave Collins an opportunity to launch a conter attack. Collins claimed Broun voted for an omnibus bill in December 2007. “Either that’s an incompetence issue or you’re just lying,” Collins shot back.

Broun said his vote was not for the bill at all, but an amendment to the bill and that every Republican but one voted for the same amendment. “This is just more of the lies and distortion we get out of the Congressman,” Broun countered.

Lanier Tea Party Patriot Founder Mike Scupin said he would never have voted for the Omnibus bill and questioned how Collins could “swear an oath to the Constitution of the United States then vote for  it when it had so many unconstitutional things in it.”

Fontaine, a retired Army and National Guard Brigadier General who ran against Collins four years ago, said, “Congress was dysfunctional then and its dysfunctional now. What we have is a systemic problem with two career politicians against three citizen candidates.”

Congressional Panel 4/22/16

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BKP sits down with 4 Congressional Candidates to talk about issues facing America and Georgia.

Hall County GOP 9th District Congressional Debate. Doug Collins, Paul Broun, Mike Scupin, Roger Fitzpatrick, Bernie Fontaine

Hall Paul Broun

Paul Broun FetchYourNews.com

Hall Mike Scupin

Mike Scupin FetchYourNews.com

Roger Fitzpatrick

Roger Fitzpatrick FetchYourNews.com

Hall Doug Collins

Doug Collins FetchYourNews.com

Hall Bernie Fontaine

Bernie Fontaine FetchYourNews.com

Morning Monologue 4/7/16

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See BKP’s full Morning Monologue with Doug Collins and the 9th District.
You can also see the interview on its own further below.

Scupin & Fontaine Jointly Ask FEC to Investigate Collins and Collins Campaign Citing Evidence of Purposeful Violations


Below is the press release from Hank Sullivan. 9th District Congressional Candidates Mike Scupin and Bernie Fontaine send a letter to the Federal Election Commission concerning Congressman Doug Collins and the Collins campaign.


Today, Georgia 9th District candidates for US House of Representatives Mike Scupin and Bernie Fontaine signed a joint letter of complaint to the Federal Election Commission in Washington, DC, citing evidence that US Representative Doug Collins, his campaign and campaign consulting firm, The Stoneridge Group, have knowingly and willingly violated FEC regulations regarding the FEC requirement of attaching campaign disclaimers to all public communications authorized and paid for by a candidate or his/her campaign committee.  The letter asks for a full investigation of Collins and the Collins Campaign, including Collins’ campaign consultant.

The joint letter, which can be found below, and a companion video, cites evidence of three recent instances in which the Collins Campaign, including Rep. Collins personally, and his campaign consultant The Stoneridge Group(SRG), have used a proprietary news and commentary website known aswww.zpolitics.com, owned and operated by the founder and owner of SRG, to offer paid Collins campaign materials to an unsuspecting public, resulting in a process of information laundering, posturing these paid campaign materials as objective news and commentary, and with no campaign disclaimers as the FEC requires, rather than as part of a political campaign supporting Collins in his bid to be reelected 9th District US Representative.
The letter released jointly by Scupin and Fontaine offers solid evidence of these FEC violations and asks for the FEC to perform a full investigation regarding the involvement of the Collins campaign, including Collins himself, Collins’ campaign staff, Collins’ campaign consultant SRG, SRG’s owner Jason Williams and the workings of Williams’ personally-owned and operated website, Zpolitics.com.

The letter can be read below:


Debate, Time for Doug Collins and Paul Broun to square off Face to Face


Congressman Doug Collins would like to continue representing the 9th District but first he must get past four opponents in the Republican primary on May 24th. Collins is being challenged by former 10th District Congressman Paul Broun, Mike Scupin, Roger Fitzpatrick, and Bernie Fontaine.

Collins seems to be zeroing in on Broun although he has three other opponents. Scupin, Fitzpatrick, and Fontaine have been attending meet and greet events throughout the District. We are not aware of Fitzpatrick or Fontaine launching radio ads or social media campaigning; however the Scupin campaign is questioning Collins’ congressional voting record with daily attacks via social media.

The Collins campaign launched a radio ad claiming Broun abused taxpayers’ money and alleged he is under a federal criminal investigation.

Here’s the transcript:

Collins: “I’m Doug Collins and I approve this message….”

Narrator: “Career politician Paul Broun. Former congressman Broun’s hypocrisy is bad, but Paul Broun’s repeated abuse of the taxpayers’ money is even worse.

“Paul Broun claims to be an outsider. But Paul Broun’s been on the ballot 12 times in 26 years for six different political positions. He’s so desperate to further his political career, Broun’s now campaigning for Congress in a district he doesn’t even live in.

“While Paul Broun’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, Broun’s abuse of taxpayer’s money is even worse. In Congress, Broun nearly bankrupted his office budget with an excessive amount of taxpayer-funded mail. And now, former congressman Paul Broun is under a federal criminal investigation into his use of taxpayer money to aid his failed U.S. Senate campaign.

“Career politician Paul Broun’s hypocrisy is bad, but Paul Broun’s abuse of the taxpayers’ money is even worse.”

When the Collins campaign released its schedule of debates they made reference that Broun did not live in the 9th District by saying:   

“I know these counties are a long ways away for Oconee County’s Paul Broun, but since he’s running over here in the 9th I encourage him to make the drive.”

Broun has responded with a radio ad attacking Collins’ record in congress. Broun refers to Collins as “Establishment.”  Establishment is almost like a four letter word in the current political climate. The ad points out how Collins voted for the Omnibus Bill and showed support for former Speaker of the House John Boehner.

“I’m Dr. Paul Broun, I approve this message. You’ve probably heard the personal attack ads Establishment Politician Doug Collins has against me. They are full of distortions and half-truths. My daddy told me a half truth is a whole lie. And the whole truth is he’s desperate to distract you from his record. Establishment Doug Collins voted for Boehner for Speaker. Twice. Even after you told him not to. Then Collins voted for Boehner’s Omnibus Bill that fully funds Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, and Obama’s amnesty plan. Nancy Pelosi said ‘They really gave away the store.’ Attack ads can’t change a voting record. But I’m proud to talk about mine. I have a record of fighting the Establishment. I voted against Boehner as Speaker. I opposed all Omnibus bills. My record shows I’m a consistent, conservative, constitutionalist”

When Collins and Broun attend the forums they will be sharing the stage with three other candidates. Considering the time limits and the format for the forums, Collins and Broun may not have the opportunity to truly debate the issues.

Due to the busy nightly campaign schedule FetchYourNews.com, Good Morning from the Office with BKP,  has invited Collins and Broun to a debate which would be held from 8-10 am. This would be during our live morning broadcast.

FYN has sent both campaigns an invitation to participate in this one on one debate opportunity.

 Broun’s campaign has accepted stating, “I accept your invitation.  I’m certain we can arrange our schedule to accommodate your request. Please let me know. Thank you.

Paul Broun M.D.”

We have not heard back from the Collins campaign at this time.

9th District Congressional Candidates Debate

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GAINESVILLE, Ga. —  Incumbent 9th District U.S. Congressman Doug Collins faced off against four Republican challengers in a mostly civil, but occasionally heated and even emotional candidate forum hosted by the Hall County Republican Party Saturday morning.
A standing room only crowd listened as former 10th District Congressman Paul Broun, Lanier Tea Party Patriots Founder Mike Scupin, retired White County educator Roger Fitzpatrick retired U.S. Army and National Guard Brigadier General Bernie Fontaine and Collins fielded questions ranging from taxes to the budget to foreign intervention and illegal immigration.
Some Republicans and many Tea Party members have been angered by Collins’ vote for President Barack Obama’s Omnibus bill, which they point out funds Planned Parenthood, amnesty and the Syrian refugee replacement program. Saturday, he stood alone in defending that vote.
“There were things in it I didn’t like.” he said. “But it was preferable to a continuing resolution. The difference is the continuing resolution maintains spending from the prior year with no changes allowed. The Omnibus bill actually allows for some cuts.”
Broun said, “I have never voted for an Omnibus bill and I never will. There was no reason to vote for that bill.”
Scupin said, “I would never vote for an Omnibus bill either. They are ill-conceived. They allow everyone to put something in there and invariable they are unconstitutional.”
Fitzpatrick said he would not vote for an Omnibus bill. “There is too much in there and they don’t let you vote on the merits of the bill,” he said.
“Get rid of the Omnibus spending bill and get back to reality,” Fontaine added.
Broun drew loud applause from the audience when he said he wants to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “The EPA has been a tremendous threat to jobs and industry in this country,” he said. “I was disappointed when I read in the Gainesville Times that the EPA would not fund Glades Reservoir, a multi million dollar
capital improvement project in Hall County.
A question about sending American troops into harm’s way, drew an emotional response from Fontaine, a Viet Nam veteran with 30 years of military experience. The Suches resident was moved to tears in saying he could not support an authorization for use of military force (AUMF) in Syria.
“Not under the current Commander in Chief,” he said, his voice breaking. “We need a Commander in Chief that will listen to our military leaders. We need to take this a lot more seriously and if we’re going to go to war, we need to go all out. I said that in 1961 in Viet Nam when I went up for my first promotion and I haven’t changed my mind.”
Moderator Joe Shubert spent more than five minutes grilling Broun on the conduct of his former Chief of Staff David G. Bowser, who this week was named in a federal indictment charging him with misappropriation of taxpayer funds during Broun’s 2008 campaign.
“To make any allegation that I misused taxpayer money is absolutely false,” Broun said. “If I was deficient in my budget then I would have had to pay it out of my own pocket which I never did. I actually returned money back to the federal government every single year.”
After the forum, Broun’s campaign manager Ryan Neel said he felt Shubert was badgering his client by asking question after question, something he did not do with any other candidate.
Despite that, he was pleased with his candidate’s performance.
“I thought he did really well,” he said. “We were able to shine a light on things that have been overlooked, especially Collins’ vote for the Omnibus bill.”
Collins said he thought the forum went well. “I’m never afraid to get in front of the people and tell the truth.” He also said he gave a good accounting of his vote for the Omnibus bill saying, “11 of 12 Georgians voted for the bill.”
Hank Sullivan, Scupin’s campaign manager declared victory for his candidate. “Mike killed them,” he said. “Look at the applause he got from people that really don’t know him. He did a great job of telling people the truth and being honest with the people.”

Lanier Tea Party 3/17/16 9th. District Congressional Candidates


9th. District Congressional Candidate Mike Scupin


In the first video Mike Scupin announces his candidacy for the U.S. 9th. District Congressional Seat.
Scupin announced at the January Lanier Tea Party Patriots meeting with about 70 in attendance.

The second video BKP interviews Scupin during his morning show, Good Morning from the Office.

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