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HIAWASSEE, Ga – Sole Commissioner Cliff Bradshaw provided some insight into the future of the transfer station during the May 18, 2021 meeting.

Bradshaw and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have worked together to develop a safe layout that makes dumbing household garbage easier for residents.

“Right now, as you know, you back in under that big shed, you get out, you throw your garbage in that big trailer sitting down there. A lot of days when we’re busy there’s garbage backed up, they’re trying change out the trailer this, that, and the other. You get out, you’re carrying your trash through all this junk in the floor,” Bradshaw explained.

People will continue to pay in the same place, but the residential and commercial garbage drop points will be separate.

“We’re going to cut a road that goes around all the scrap metal that’s there, you go all the way around…you’ll be dumping straight across [from the existing garbage drop-off point],” Bradshaw stated.

Three 54-inch-tall roll-offs will go in the grassy area across from the current site. The container will also have lids. Lids on the containers eliminate the necessity of a roof over the bins. Recycling will remain in the same place.

“It will cut down on the wait time, on getting in and getting out,” Bradshaw remarked, “Plus it will make it neater and cleaner for the residential people.”

Bradshaw’s wanted to renovate the transfer station for a couple of years but wanted to find ways to save money on the project too. The road department will pave the road and some grading will be necessary for runoff toward the leachate pond. Reid Dyer of Hayes, James, and Associates has been helping the county plan the layout.

It isn’t expected to be completed until late fall or Christmas.

Colwell Detention Center crews are returning to work. One crew is back out in Towns and working on cleaning Foster Park. They hope to have a second crew back by July. Towns usually has three crews, but since COVID-19 hit, all Colwell detention crews have been locked down.

Progress on the new courthouse is still slow-moving, but the architect thinks they could break ground in late Spring 2022.

Farmers Market is expected to open by the first of June.

Towns created a bid package with the assistance of KCI for the Georgia Department of Transportation’s LMIG striving and paving grant for 2021. The $130,000 grant will include thermal striping and marking along Fodder Creek, Upper Bell Creek, Gumlog, Owl Creek, Frank Creek, and Byers Creek roads.

It’s a matching grant and the county will contribute $78,140.

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