City of Hiawassee approves copy machine purchases

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HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Hiawassee Council held a special-called meeting on the evening of Monday, Dec. 17, to approve the purchase of two needed copier machines for City Hall. Council members Anne Mitchell, Amy Barrett, Nancy Noblet, and Pasty Owens were in attendance. Hiawassee City Clerk Bonnie Kendrick explained that the copy machines that are currently in use are past their prime, with one unit manufactured in 1994. Kendrick relayed that the machines have suffered significant decline from years of heavy use. “We’ve known this was coming,” Kendrick said.

Hiawassee Council unanimously voted to allow for the purchase of two Cannon copier machines from Duplicating Products. The company employs a service technician in Young Harris, providing a quick turnover time should issues arise. The total cost of the two units amounts t0 $11,278. One of the machines will be put to use by Hiawassee Police Department.

In addition to the business matter, the council voted to meet for a Christmas dinner at a local restaurant on Wednesday evening.

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