The Purge Is On!


I stand back in amazement as the Democrat party implodes struggling to find a way to defeat Trump and still remain relevant to their hopeful changing America’s political position from a Representative Constitutional government to a socialist one. It can only end in a civil war!

The Democrat Party has almost been totally absorbed by Socialists but a major change is underway to move the party to Marxism. The childish new Marxists in their ranks are getting tired of the slow progress the Party is making in fundamentally changing America and want action now! Among other things, the Democrat party may soon be bereft of any remaining old white people (Liberals) who have run the party since the days of Jim Crow and the KKK.

The pointed attack on Nancy Pelosi as a racist, by the ‘Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse’ clearly signals the new direction the Democrats are going. Some decrepit Party remnants like Chuckie Schumer, Steny Hoyer and a few more, remain to kiss up to the Marxists in what is a futile attempt to forestall the inevitable. The can’t because the purge is on.

To the new congressional radicals who are serving their true political leader, Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC’s Chief of Staff, the Democrat Party means nothing except the vehicle by which to gain votes and power. The Party’s political direction is changing and Nancy will not be its leader.

Sanctuary cities and states acting in defiance of federal laws on immigration are the front line of AOC’s socialist cabal’s assault on Federal legitimacy. The question becomes an issue found in the 10th and 14th amendments to the Constitution and there’s a lot of room for maneuver in how to interpret them. The 10th simply enumerates the powers retained to the states, or not, and the powers of “the people.” The 14th amendment is all about civil rights and includes, arguably, who is and isn’t an American. So, with the confusion found there, illegal immigrants can’t be illegal if they can come here, regardless of the laws forbidding it, and establish themselves as US citizens. Having a baby here help’s.

We already know, from existing video’s that Pelosi and Schumer once totally agreed with the position President Trump takes on illegal immigration enforcement, and did so until Trump tried to build the wall. We are approaching a state of anarchy with many “Blue” States and Progressive Federal judges interfering with Trump’s enforcing Immigration laws.

For a city or state to resist federal immigration laws and get away with it, is evidence enough that creeping Soviet style socialism is already here in our local governments. I’ve outlined this before but it can’t be said enough. Take Los Angeles for example. Mayor Eric Garcetti has ordered his Chief of Police, Michael Moore, to absolutely not cooperate with ICE on deportations of illegals even those who have criminal records and were ordered out by courts.

Garcetti is therefore not really a ‘Mayor’ but a “Commissar,” in the soviet mode, while Chief Moore has simply become his “Political Officer,” not to enforce the law, but smother it for the good of the Party. When these Commissars order confiscations of Constitutionally protected rights, like our guns, then anarchy will breakout and there will be blood in the streets. San Francisco, Seattle, Portland are all great examples of other cities embracing socialism and smothering their citizens with the threats of armed fascist hooligans swarming the streets to beat up people who disagree with them. Even now, some media voices are encouraging street thugs to emulate the Colonials at Concord and Lexington and resist the evil king Trump.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Why Should We Accept Corrupt Government?


Why Should We Accept Corrupt Government?
In light of the unraveling of the corruption inherent in the “Administrative Deep State,” it’s past time for a serious rethinking of the need of a giant federal administrative state and reexamine the common sense methods of governing the framers gave us to rule ourselves.

Article1, of the Constitution has already laid out the basic outline for such a republican government as the founders created. While taking apart the monstrosity that politicians have engineered over the decades that changed that original form of government might be painful, it’s far less painful then the future that awaits us if we don’t. Who governs, the people or Socialists?

The Administrative state and its regulators, a creation of previous congress’s, have grown into a bureaucracy so entrenched that worker’s can’t even be fired. They lurk in the darkness of their own regulations and use their powers to punish those who fail to comply. Regulators are great for making and executing rules and regulations, and taxing, but not so good at designing those regulations to advance unproven political theories, that most often come undone.

The unrealized dangers of delegating rules and regulations making, is that Congress removes itself from accountability. Legislators govern by theory, proposing ideas that are then delegated to an agency charged to “make” it work. To ensure their schemes work, Congress politicized the Federal judicial benches, including the Supreme Court, to support their legislative agenda regardless of the unconstitutionality, through judicial activism. Judges don’t make laws!

Apparently the Administrative state works without limits so every conceivable American activity can be controlled by government. Some agencies become rogue because no one stops them. The EPA and IRS comes to mind as fascist agency’s. The EPA has been tweaked but the IRS only suffers changes of top leadership. No one gets fired, no one goes to jail.

Americans see this as clearly as fish in a pond. Government is no longer close to the people, especially Socialist ones like the Democrats want for us. Local and State governments are starting to fill that role but they are also becoming the new method for the introduction of Socialism into the body politic, city by city and state by state. That is the Achilles heel for our republican form of government. San Francisco, Ca., Seattle, Wa., and Portland, Or. are prime examples of socialism run amuck. They’re also near bankrupt.

This explains what’s happening in the Socialist State of California where the dregs of society, the perverts, drug addicts and transgender nut cases command control of the streets because a caring socialist city government wants to protect their rights. But what rights? Socialists have also claimed the right to infanticide but decry the idea that to clear the streets of societies worst cases would be more beneficial to a happy society than killing babies. It is these types of unAmerican activities that is eroding public confidence. Chaos must certainly follow.

The problems of government are systemic. The reason for government should be a primary concern of anyone wanting a better government but this cannot be accomplished with people of socialist persuasion who scream, yell and interrupt other speakers in an effort to kill free speech.

Trump has thrown a wrench into the gears of socialism’s advancement. Socialists are reeling in confusion but don’t count on them staying there. A revolution is coming. The question is, who’s going to lead it, them or us?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way, now, go get ‘em!

Security consultant warns of merge between Progressive Left and Jihadi movement

Chris Gaubatz

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Towns County Civic Center was filled with dozens of citizens interested in taking a deeper look at “Islam, Jihad, and Sharia Law” Thursday, March 29. Towns County Republican Party, in cooperation with Towns-Union County Tea Party, hosted a presentation led by Chris Gaubatz, a renowed expert on the subject. Gaubatz spent a decade immersed in the matter, serving undercover through the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR), later testifying before the U.S. Senate. The security consultant led an undercover operation in the United States, posing as a Muslim and infiltrating the Muslim community. Gaubatz gained access to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-backed organization leadership meetings, preserving 12,000 pages of evidence and 300 hours of audio-video recordings from CAIR, exposing fraud, sedition, and terrorism.

Islamic law, also known as Sharia, is derived from the the teachings of Muhammad, an ancient prophet of Islam. The lessons are dictated within the Islamic holy book, the Qu’ran. Complete submission to the will of Allah, an Arabic word for God, is the fundamental tenet of Islam. Jihad is the law in action. While supporters in defense of Jihad claim that the term simply translates to “internal struggle,” Gaubatz defined the meaning as a war waged against the enemies of Islam. Gaubatz cited verses from an authoritative book on Islamic law – ‘Reliance of the Traveller’ – which includes orders to dislocate non-believers from their fate, additionally striking terror into the hearts of enemies. Dying a martyr is the highest form of worship under the confines of Sharia law.

Chris Gaubatz

Islamic law book referenced during the presentation

Gaubatz warned that the “hard left” – referencing the Marxist-Socialist-Progressive political “regime” – has merged with the Jihadi movement. “Right now the face of the Party is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but understand that there is a hundred progressive caucus members in Congress right now that have the same ideology, and that movement has merged with the Jihadi movement. They describe themselves as the Global Islamic, and what happened in 2016 gave us time…,” Gaubatz said, referring to the election of President Donald Trump. “There is hope despite the mainstream media, issuing propaganda statement after propaganda statement, attacking Trump day in and day out, despite the left doing what they do, despite establishment Republicans attacking him, day in and day out, he still won. Why did he win? Because the people still matter. They still matter. If we don’t get this right – and this is really why I’m doing what I’m doing – I have committed to speaking with as many conservative groups between now and November, 2020 because I firmly believe, with everything that I’ve learned in the last 10 years, that if we don’t get it right over these next six years – and I don’t doubt that Trump is going to (be re-elected), especially with Democrats doing what Democrats do – but when he leaves office, if we don’t have a movement that’s ready to take the mantle, and actually take this county back, then we lose. How many of you have had children or grandchildren that you raise to be Christian Conservative, you send them off to some university, and you don’t even recognize them? In other words, the trend line is not in our favor. We have got to get this right. We’ve got to start now which is why, from my perspective, there is a reason that I am out here and not in Washington D.C. because I believe we’re going to take back this country the same way President Trump did; county by county, state by state, at the local level.”

The remark was met with applause.

Gaubatz stressed the importance of citizen involvement and focused organization within conservative groups, advising attention toward local politics. The speaker emphasised that an instilled fear of being branded Islamophobic limits open, honest discussion on the subject, both privately and from pulpits. Gaubatz recommended studying literature written by those within the left-wing in order to understand their mission, rather than solely researching through oppositional-minded authors.

Several citizens posed questions for Gaubatz, ranging from the “no-go zones” in Michigan to the mass migration of Muslim populations into European countries. Gaubatz predicted Belgium to become the first Islamic State.

Towns County Sheriff Chris Clinton introduced Gaubatz at the start of the presentation. Towns County Commissioner Cliff Bradshaw attended the event. Gaubatz made a second appearance the following morning, March 29, addressing the Mountain Movers and Shakers at Sundance Grill in Hiawassee.

Feature Photo: Chris Gaubatz signing a copy of the book he authored, ‘Muslim Mafia’



The United States has only seen the face of war one time. That time was during the Civil
War and was mostly in the Southern states from 1861 to 1865. It was an ugly time of brother
against brother and the first time total war was practiced on the civilian population by General
William T. Sherman.

In this the US has been blessed, but Europe, of course cannot say the same.

I watched the movie The Monument Men at last. I had resisted watching it in the past as I abhor
George Clooney and Matt Damon for their high handed, self righteous politics. However, since it
was in the $3.74 bin at the local big box store, I relented.

I came away with two points of concern.

Number one was how the face of war came very close to destroying all that was beautiful in the
arts and historical artifacts. If it had not been for a small, dedicated team that searched for,
recovered, protected and returned the precious works that had been stolen by the Hitler regime,
imagine how intellectually poor the world would be.

Hitler was planning on being the victor of the Second World War. He was so sure that he sent his
minions out to collect and store all of the arts he enjoyed as inventory for his plan for the great
Hitler Museum.

As he fancied himself a great artist, he knew exactly the pieces he desired. Many were in the
Louvre, many were in private collections, such as the Rothschild’s. None of that mattered as he
had them stolen from wherever they resided.

Those artists whose work he didn’t care for were pulled from any and all sources and burned.
Contemporary artists like Picasso were beneath his high opinion, therefore no one else was
allowed to like or enjoy them either.

How very coincidental.

Hitler was a censor and an oppressor, and those were the least of his bad qualities.

No one dared to stand up to him allowing him to cause untold destruction and misery.
Number two is that the US is facing the same kind of potential travesty of freedom of expression,
and it cannot happen.

By allowing social media outlets like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to
censor who is free to put out information and who is not, the US and the world are at the
beginning of a real issue of freedom and the American way of life. If the media giants don’t like
or approve of opinions and facts, they are no different than the burner of books and arts of the
Third Reich. It isn’t necessary to agree with ideas and concepts, neither must they be true and
proven. Whoever posts them has the RIGHT to say what they please and those who see or hear
have the right to believe or ignore them.

This censorship is likened to Hitler’s defiance of the Treaty of Versailles. It was step one and the
new social media censorship is at step one.

This cannot be permitted. The First Amendment is protection against censorship.

Another disturbing movie The Book Thief, brought to life what happens if step one is breached
and permitted to thrive. This true story of an adopted German girl named Liesel whose family
were caught in the terrible time of Hitler and the Third Reich is heart wrenching in its tragedy.
Her family was hiding a Jew in their basement, and had been for quite a while. He was the son of
the man who had saved her father’s life during the First World War.

They were frightened to death when German soldiers came into town and were inspecting
basements in people’s homes. The people under Hitler had no personal rights, they could not
disallow the soldier from entering. They managed to hide the young man and escape detection,
but it was a nerve wracking affair.

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution guards against unlawful search and seizures, while
setting guidelines for search warrants and other ways to legally enter a home.
That wasn’t the only time absolute law ran into Liesel’s family.

A man who had lived in the village his whole life was drug from his business one day, beaten
and taken away by the Gestapo.

He was charged with being a Jew because of his surname. His name was spelled with one letter
less than a typical Jewish name that sounded the same. He kept yelling that he was a German and
he was not a Jew. The whole village stood around to watch.

No one protested at all because of their fear.

The only one to come forward was Liesel’s father. He vouched for the man and earned a head
injury from the Gestapo. They took his name as they left the area. As his wife tended his wound,
he cried because he was terrified that his actions would cause them all to be taken away to the
death camps.

Seems history is doomed to repeat itself. We are seeing a small example of guilty by accusation
in the news today concerning the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court, but this example
is not the only one. Someone casts out an accusation sans proof, of course, and the media circus
and the Soros paid protesters are running to the gallows, screaming for blood.

It is no better than the time of Hitler. Someone is accused without any concrete evidence, and
they are guilty. Maybe they are aren’t (yet) sent to a death camp, but even if cleared from the
charges, the residual taint is a long time fading.

The time to stand up is now. The time to put a stop to this is today. Mob rule is testing us. They
are hoping we will be soft and complacent. Good Americans MUST NOT let this pass as

Free thinking people such as Susan Collins are now persecuted and receiving death threats for
DARING to study the facts and draw her own conclusions. Those such as Joe Manchin who
stood up to the Democratic Party’s mandate that NO ONE was to vote for any Supreme Court
pick by President Trump are also in the line of fire by the Soros financed mob of spastic crazies
whose shame has NO bounds.

The first line of defense can be formed on November 6th, 2018. Everyone must vote for the
protection of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those who want “socialism” or worse, sharia
law must be stopped in November!

Remember, Socialism is just the training bra of Communism.

It gets the populace used to the tight restriction building up to the total loss of personal freedoms
and wealth in favor of the “State.”

Everyone has a stake in this game. If one allows for a faction to be persecuted and say nothing,
who will be there to protest when it turns on the same one who said nothing?

Make a mark today, be sure to vote and do not be silent!


Opinion, Politics

In the 2018 election for Governor in Georgia the NAMES DON’T MATTER. The election this year is very
simple, you are either voting for Socialism or Capitalism, plain and simple. Don’t let the media fool you
and don’t bother listening to the campaign ads. The trash about either candidate is meaningless.
And, if you are over 50 and a Democrat in Georgia, you are more than likely a moderate Democrat, a Zell
Miller Democrat. A decent hard-working person that has probably been a Democrat all your life. You
have to be just as surprised and sickened by the Democrat platform as Republicans are. I don’t know
what has happened to the Democrat party, but they are attempting to brainwash us just as they have
brainwashed our children into thinking that somehow Socialism is the solution to all the problems in the
United States.

But anyone thinking of voting for any politician in the U.S. that has a socialistic agenda needs to ask
themselves, hmmm, it all sounds good, in fact, too good to be true; free healthcare, free college, $15/hr
wages and home ownership for everyone. Can you name one country that adopted Socialism as a form
of government that is successful? There AREN’T ANY! Within 20 years of a country electing a leader
promoting socialism, the country is deep in debt with its people starving, their currency devalued, and
citizens roaming the streets committing crimes just to feed their children.

Ask yourself, where would the money come from to provide all the free stuff? And, if everything is
provided for you, why work? And as more and more people stop working where would the tax dollars
come from to pay for the free stuff? And if the tax revenue decreases because people have quit
working, those that continue to work will have to pay higher taxes until their tax rate is so high, they
quit work. Then lo and behold the country goes into chaos, like Argentina and Cuba and Italy and
Portugal and Greece just to name a few.

Initially the rest of the world tries to shore them up, of course, which means more countries raising
taxes or cutting services to help countries that have adopted Socialism. They adopted Socialism so that
everyone has equal wealth and “things.” Socialism creates equality alright, everyone becomes equally
poor. Well, except the politicians or dictators that “sold” it to the people under the guise of utopia.
I think you get the picture. Socialism will destroy Georgia and eventually the nation if we don’t wake up
and stop it. All you have to do is see how close Bernie Sanders came to being the Democrat candidate
for President to see how close we came to Socialism. Our young people have been raised as Socialists
RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES. If you want to do something to stop the communistic movement toward
Socialism vote for capitalism, vote Republican this election.

Written By: Joene DePlancke
Ellijay, Georgia

Tea Party, GOP Chairs warn local Republic of political insurgency

News, Upcoming Events
Chuck Luca Tea party

Feature Photo: Towns/Union County Tea Party Chair Chuck Luca with Towns County GOP Chair Betsy Young 

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Towns and Union County Tea Party has publicly proclaimed that the nation is under political siege by numerous domestic insurgency groups, whom under the umbrella of the Collective Left seek to supplant the Constitutional Republic with Socialist tyranny.

Towns and Union Tea Party Chairman Chuck Luca announced an upcoming workshop and discussion forum, presented by James R. Bolton Jr., a United States Marine Corps veteran who served with a Special Operations unit, tasked with counter-insurgency operations overseas.

Bolton has dedicated the past two decades to movement building, directed toward confrontation with political subversives and their agendas.

“Believe me, it’s happening right here in this area,” Luca told a room packed with citizens during the announcement segment of Friday’s Movers & Shakers meeting at Sundance Grill in Hiawassee.

Bolton’s resume lists experience in private security detail, with certification in Counter Intelligence, Executive Protection, Hostile Political Environments, Legal Investigations, and Dispute Resolution.

“I believe that the key to regaining traditional political prowess in America, as liberty-loving and God-fearing people, is in learning to employ real Modern Counter Insurgency skills at the civil level as all insurgencies are aimed at populations,” Bolton, who asserts he has extensively studied worldwide foreign and domestic political movements, writes, “Social change creates political results. The fact is inarguable.”

Topics will include the modern era of political insurgency, how to defeat socialist infiltration, why movements fail, and the impact of political syndication, in addition to a brief course entitled ‘Introduction to Counter Political Insurgency Skills.’

“I am an ‘operator’ who organizes and carries out activities designed to produce predictable outcomes. I have no bias as a professional operator, save my love of God, country, and family,” Bolton attests.

Towns County Republican Chairwoman Betsy Young expressed concerns which mirrored Luca’s. “People say that it can’t happen here, but it is. The problem being that we live in such a Republican area that people don’t feel a need to get involved. They have no clue what’s coming down the pike,” Young said.

The seminar will be held on Sunday, Sept. 16*, at 2 pm, in the community room at Butternut Creek Golf Course in Blairsville.

*Date corrected


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