• Extent of the Deep State

    Extent of the Deep State: The extent of the imbedded Deep State, an unholy corruption of ignorant worker bees in the peoples government is so pervasive, so tight and so protected that its very existence is mind blowing. That Obama weaponized federal agencies as political tools for the socialist Democrat party is undeniable but, I’m […]

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  • SOTU 2019, The Fallout

    SOTU 2019, The Fallout “America never has been and never will be a “socialist country!” Yeah, “USA, USA, USA.” For visuals, the Democrats sat on their hands and sulked. President Trump’s speech revealed a lot of truths to the eye of the beholder. His remarks were what conservative Americans wanted to hear because for two […]

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    BY CANDACE HARDIN LITTLEJOHN A along time ago, Thomas Jefferson and few of his like- minded colleagues got together in anger about taxation without representation, unfair laws and a monarch who wanted to control the liberty of those in the colonies far away from England. They wrote up a few words to express their wishes […]

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  • Injustice Personified

    I’m dumbstruck when I consider all the money authorized and wasted by the Republican controlled congress over the past two years, on the baseless Trump-Russia collusion fallacy when the low hanging fruit of the Clinton’s RICO reeking cabal that is Bill and Hillary’s self sustaining charitable foundation offers such low hanging fruit so ripe for […]

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  • Political Schisms are Coming. Be Prepared!

    Skilled politicians can propagandize people to accept their own slavery, and even demand more. Hitler did it with apparent ease. Unorganized push back is ineffective and if dangerous to the state and the state feels threatened, it will turn tyrannical to save itself. Keep your guns. The unpleasantness now growing on the streets of Paris, […]

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  • Is Paris Burning?

    At the recent G-20 conference in Brazil, the European Union nations kept trying to get our President Trump to reverse his course of taking America out of the Paris climate accords and sign back on like a good fellow, and do the right thing, help save the planet. Trump didn’t and he won’t and in […]

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  • Kasich’s Attacks Continue

    A perennial GOP wanna-be presidential hopeful, John Kasich tells us: “Every day there is chaos coming out of Washington and the Trump White House. It’s diminishing our American values, threatening our international alliances and resulting in few policy accomplishments for the American people. Enough is enough. It’s time for us all – as Americans to […]

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  • Weekly Word Devotion

    Stephen A. Brown, Marketplace Ministries, inc. John Winthrop, Governor, Massachuetts Bay Colony, in a letter to his church, wrote, “We must delight in each other; make the conditions of others our own; rejoice together, mourn together, labor and suffer together as members of the same body, to keep unity in the bond of peace.” The lyrics of a […]

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