Hiawassee approvals for sewer and Emergency Response come in April

Hiawassee coronavirus

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – After Mayor Liz Ordiales updated citizens on some statistics with the COVID-19 outbreak, the Hiawassee City Council met shortly for two items of motions/approvals.

Ordiales shared advice from Doctors saying that citizens should wear masks anytime they go outside and and come close to other people in the public.

The council approved all of its Consent Agenda items including Minutes from March 2nd Special Called Meeting-Court Clerk, Minutes from March 19th Special Called Meeting-USDA-RD Grant Application, Minutes from the March 3rd City Council Meeting, Minutes from March 30th Work Session, Minutes from March 30th Special Called Meeting, and the December and January Financials.

Additionally, final approval came for the city’s sewer ordinance. Going through the meeting as a second reading, approval was unanimous for the ordinance.

In the final item, the city approved a contract for Risk Assessments and Emergency Response plan for the city with EMI. The city contract approval came to $8,000 for the city. This, too, was a unanimous vote from the council.

The council ended the meeting reiterating the city should be following the shelter in place orders with one member reciting the common slogan, “Stay Safe, Stay Home, Save Lives.”

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