• Lack of leadership: Vernon Jones attacks Governor Brian Kemp

    Vernon Jones

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Former State Representative and Trump ally Vernon Jones continued to flirt with the idea of running for Georgia Governor as a Republican. Jones switched the Republican Party in January after previously stating he had no plans to do so. However, his tweets “if I were governor” suggested he wants to primary current […]

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  • Kelvin King speaks to why he’s running for U.S. Senate

    kelvin King

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Businessman and self-starter Kelvin King took issue with those who called his candidacy for U.S. Senate a Republican strategy. “I’m not a strategy. I’ve been a Republican for a long time, and I saw an opportunity. I saw a need in our Party to win back this sear and I think I […]

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  • Letter to President Biden

    Written by: Cindy Glueckert Mr. Biden, When did you become KING! I’ve lived for 72 years in the greatest, most productive land of the FREE-a republic like no other-yet, you’ve signed more Executive Orders in your 3 months in office than any President in history. Do you not realize that we have a Congress, we […]

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  • Kelvin King announces campaign for U.S. Senate in Georgia

    Kelvin King

    Marietta, GA – Today, Kelvin King announced his campaign for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. King, a Georgia native, proud veteran, Republican activist, and successful business owner, had the following to say about his campaign. “Republicans in our state are at a crossroads. We’ve seen what’s at stake in our country. The Biden Administration is […]

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  • Short Takes: What’s with this kinder and gentler immigration business?

    Written by: George McClellen “Kinder and gentler: Republicans soften tone on migrant crisis” This headline is from the Washington Examiner, dated 02 April 21 and is a prime example why the National Republican Party seriously needs an enema before they do any more damage. The first paragraph starts: “With few exceptions Republicans haven’t softened their […]

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  • Ralston speaks on the election reforms in SB 202

    SB 202 election reform

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Speaker of the House David Ralston (R – 7) tried to clear up the misconceptions surrounding SB 202, the Election Integrity Act of 2021. Signed into law last week by Governor Brian Kemp, SB 202 has been the center of partisan attacks from Democrats calling it “Jim Crow in a suit and […]

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  • Rep. Clyde discusses several Democrat sponsored bills

    andrew clyde bills

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Ninth District Representative Andrew Clyde (R – Ga) spoke about recent bills passed by the House of Representatives. H.R. 127 focuses on gun control legislation and Clyde urged every American to call their Representatives concerning all the firearm bills. Universal background checks are a part of H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446 closes […]

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  • Voter turnout, debates, and Trump: David Perdue discusses all

    David Perdue

    ELLIJAY, Ga: Senator David Perdue (R) addressed his relationship with President Trump, voter turnout, and not debating Jon Ossoff on his bus tour through North Georgia. Citing the earlier debates, Perdue didn’t see the necessity in rehashing the issues.  “I wanted to give him a chance to show Georgia what an empty suit he is,” […]

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  • What’s the deal with Senator Loeffler’s stock trades?

    Loeffler stock trades

    Loeffler just keeps getting away with improper transactions.  This is just one of them.  And she knows that very few people can follow her trails. Loeffler says she was ‘cleared’ by the SEC for her stock trades she made after a Senate briefing on Covid-19 back in January.  What she doesn’t tell you is, she […]

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  • All star panelist expose on Joe Biden and Co financial dealings

    Joe Biden

    After delving into Joe Biden’s friends’ questionable and convenient financial past, All-Star Panelist Joene DePlancke presented her findings on the issue. “All the deals weren’t funneled through Hunter. He used so many longtime friends and major contributors to generate billions for himself and his family,” DePlancke explained about Joe Biden’s financial dealings. In 2010, they […]

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  • Georgia being called for President Trump

    President Trump Georgia

    ATLANTA, Ga – InsiderAdvantage has called Georgia for President Donald Trump with almost all the votes counted. “InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery says, ‘I was amazed that Georgia was not called last night. There are not enough votes available to bring this race much closer or to create a contested situation. There was no Democratic wave […]

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