• The Comey Incident

    Opinion written by George McClellan: Former FBI Director James Comey’s opening statement to the Senate Intelligence Committee, not the seven page pre-scripted nonsense leaked to the press the day before, was a self-serving, bitter, exculpatory exercise in whining about losing, a rectification perhaps for his past bad deeds. Besides, he really hates Donald Trump. But, […]

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  • Islam’s Evil Protectors

    Opinion written by George McClellan: Even following the outrageous Islamic terrorists attacks in the UK in the name of Allah, remarks by British Prime Minister Teresa May still shows hesitation to admitting the obvious. Not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims. She is getting close but she’s not there yet. Sadly, like […]

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  • Here Comes John (Kasich)…Again

    Opinion by George McClellan: Not ignoring the continued Islamic attacks against western culture, other items of importance reveal themselves that should be addressed. I’m referring to the continued scheme by pushy Ohio Governor John Kasich, indefatigable champion of global warming, to position himself as the primary challenger to Donald Trump in 2020 and place the […]

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  • Laura Chavez Reinhardt: Obituary

    Laura Chavez Reinhardt, 76, of Hayesville, NC, passed away on Sunday, June 04, 2017 at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, GA following a lengthy illness. Laura was born on August 02, 1940 in Belen, Valencia County, New Mexico. She was the eldest daughter of Juan Romero Chavez and Manuelita “Nellie” Arsenia Barela-Chavez who both preceded her […]

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  • Will the Murders Continue?

    Opinion written by George McClellan: We hear little about the investigation into the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich on the mean streets of Wash. DC following a Wikileaks expose´ that revealed systemic cheating by the DNC against Bernie Sanders and, other juicy revelations. Will the murders continue? Yes they have! Of all the media […]

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  • Practical Faith    

    Religion Column written by Dr. Bob Allen:  Today, I want to talk to you about your faith, but I don’t want to do just another faith teaching that won’t  work for you any better than the last one you heard. I want to help you to power up the faith you have. Faith works by […]

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  • The Depths of Corruption – Follow the Money

    Opinion written by George McClellan: Trump is no dummy and should not be underestimated as evidenced by the skill he employed in neutralizing his main internal enemy, FBI Director James Comey. Perhaps Trump’s other adversaries should think about looking for good lawyers. Evidence, not innuendo, rumors or fake news like the “Comey Memo,” is starting […]

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