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HIAWASSEE, GA – After passing its first reading, the public heading for the change to the planning and development ordinance will take place on May 24 before the work session.

The new language affects Section 26A of the ordinance. If adopted into law, any parcels of land one acre or larger will be allowed to build 10 units per acre in no more than four structures. The height of these structures is not to exceed 35 feet.

Currently, Hiawassee permits four units per acre and Mountain View Townhomes asks for 16 units across two acres.

The change does not apply to parcels of land less than one acre. The two-story provision for height constraints was also removed in favor of the 35 feet limit.

Mayor Liz Ordiales added that Hiawassee has some bigger pieces of property up for sale and the council needs to add a unit cap. She proposed a cap of 40 units per parcel.

“So, we don’t have 140 units in a 14-acre spot,” Ordiales commented.

Council member Anne Mitchell brought up the Mountain Protection Plan and that it sets a height limit at 30 feet. It includes mountains 2,200 feet and higher.

Ordiales believed the protected mountains had to have names as well. She added that the city needs to create a document to properly address the issue.

“I think that map has to be documented,” Ordiales said. “I think it has to be documented and done right…maybe we just need to create a map that says these are the mountains in our Mountain Protection Act for this area.”

Mitchell also asked Mountain View Tops Project Lead Lawson if he knew about the springs and fill dirt in the area. He knew and told his architects. The property is still under contract.

Mountain View Townhomes would be built on two acres off Hwy. 76 across from the Taco Bell and next to Georgia Mountain Vision Center. The proposal included a total of 16 townhomes. 10 two-bedrooms at 1,960 square feet for $230,000 and up. 6 three-bedroom units at 2,300 square feet for $280,000 and up.


Proposed mock-up of Mountain View Townhomes

Mitchell stood in lone opposition to the ordinance changes.

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