Changing Events, Changing Needs


Opinion by George McClellan:

Scott Walker has finally announced for President. That’s great news indeed! Walker is the one accomplished politician with an positive record achieved by defeating the democrats and unions in a dark blue state at a Governors level. My apologies to Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal,, who also have demonstrable gubernatorial skills and would make equally good presidents.

Alas, sadly, the problem is the GOP doesn’t want him. The GOP elites want Jeb Bush and you/we will be made to care. So, get over it! After all, didn’t the GOP just dump $103 million into Jeb’s campaign chest to supplement the millions he already has? And unmistakably the GOP certainly doesn’t want Rick Perry, the next best, Ted Cruz or Rick Santorum and the very thought of Carley Fiorina absolutely scares the bejeezus out of them not to mention what it does to the democrats. Trump, of course, has simply expanded the scope of open discussion by exposing America’s growing problems with illegal immigration, i.e.: the unintended consequences of sanctuary cities.

Jeb is allegedly at the top of the polls but the only reason is because certain groups paying for them want him there. These polls are no more to be trusted than Obama’s so called birth certificate. So, we have some serious decisions to make. We must ask: “is our Republican Party actually representing us Conservatives and are they working for the best interests of America?” Clearly not! They are, with the Democrat party, acting as co-conspirators for International Banking and a one world government. Their very actions as our representatives confirm this, such as the one-way trade deals and the TPP, and yet we keep re-electing them to do the same things again and again.

What’s there to fight for anymore? The GOP is now clearly Progressives Lite; The Supreme Court has arbitrarily co-opted the14th Amendment by redefining the terms and definitions of important words and how they will apply to our beliefs. Now, what was once right, is wrong; What was once wicked and sinful is now loving and glorious; what was once a penalty is now a tax and all in the name of socialist “fairness”. Now, how is that going to go for us? We’ll see.

Our alleged president and his incompetent lackey John, the Vietnam vet, Kerry and the former 1st Lady, have turned American diplomacy into a complete farce. On the treaty with Iran, he said “by this treaty we have stopped Iran from developing a nuclear capability” (paraphrased), all from a man who assured us “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, if you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan, Obamacare will save the average family $2500. a year in health care costs”, blah, blah & blah.

Now comes Clinton, the former first lady, talking about her view of tomorrow, using old terms from yesteryear, that are tired socialist tropes against the producers, forcing the rich to pay their “fair share”. This ‘fair share’ crap has been going on since LBJ delivered us the “Great Society” using that as an excuse to shake down the job creators, investors and business people. So, one supposes, when will the rich have finally paid their “fair share?” The former1st lady is as incompetent as Obama as a leader. Like Obama, she will ransack the treasury, issue out i.o.u.’s and further demean our country. We desperately need new leadership — in both parties.

When the night sky finally lights up with the warm glow of Iran’s nuclear progress, then we can thank Obama, Hillary and Kerry for sustaining their legacy. Hopefully, they’ll already be in prison for their crimes against America. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em! (14 June 2015).

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