Towns County prepares as COVID-19 spreads in Georgia

Towns County COVID-19

HIAWASSEE, Ga. –  Elected and appointed officials from all Towns County, Hiawassee, and Young Harris government and emergency agencies, with the exception of Towns County Sheriff’s Office, gathered for a press briefing at the Towns County Courthouse, Tuesday, March 17, to assure citizens of the swift response to COVID-19.

Towns County EMA

Towns County EMA Director Brandon Walls

“Information has been a key point in this whole thing, We still want to continue our stance, our request to the public to not spread things that aren’t credible,” Towns County Emergency Management Director Brandon Walls said. “If it doesn’t come from a very credible source – as in us, the CDC, the Georgia Department of Public Health – we want to continue to ask citizens, don’t spread it.” Walls explained how public speculation, especially on social media, can lead to widespread misinformation.

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Dr. Jonathan Lawerence, the county’s volunteer EMS Medical Director, attended the briefing. Dr. Lawerence praised the measures that Towns County is implementing in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Dr. Jonathan Lawerence

EMS Medical Director Dr. Jonathan Lawerence

“So this is like the phase one,” Commissioner Cliff Bradshaw said. “My department heads have been working on this for a couple of weeks for where we’re at right now, for these closings, how we’re handling it, how we’re handling our employees. If it gets worse, and it possibly could and we pray that it don’t, but if it gets worse and we get people in the county that’s affected with it and showing positive to the virus, we are working now – the department heads and myself – on the next phase. How will we do it? Will we close the courthouse? If we close the courthouse, how will we conduct business? Those are the things that we’re going to be working on after this meeting today and the rest of the week.” The commissioner assured that his office could operate remotely in a “worst-case scenario.”

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Commissioner Bradshaw said that the county is in contact with state and federal agencies in “real-time” and informed that the Towns County website and Towns County Emergency Management Agency Facebook page will be continually updated with information and “potential and actual COVID-19 cases” in the immediate area.

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Towns County EMS Director Ken Nicholson explained that the temperature of paramedics and EMTs are now taken at the start and end of each shift, along with describing the high-level of precautions taken to protect the health of patients and medical units. Towns County 911 Director Marty Roberts said that 911 callers are asked a series of screening questions prior to the arrival of first responders. Towns County Fire Chief Harold Copeland stated that firefighters have been instructed to respond singularly to medical calls to reduce the odds of a multi-quarantine should the virus be presumed or confirmed. A substantial amount of medical masks, gowns, and face shields were reported on hand for all departments.

Towns County EMS

Towns County EMS Director Ken Nicholson

Hiawassee Police Chief Paul Smith stated that during traffic stops, officers have been instructed to ask citizens to read their driver’s license number rather than physically exchange the information with law enforcement. Young Harris College Police Chief Ken Henderson offered to assist all county and city agencies as needed.

Hiawassee Mayor Liz Ordiales informed that the interior of Hiawassee City Hall is closed as a precautionary measure. Payments can be submitted through the on-site dropbox, however, or online. Young Harris Mayor Andrea Gibby said that Young Harris City Hall remains open at this time due to window partitioning in the building’s lobby.

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