Georgia six-week abortion ban reinstated


GEORGIA – Today, a week after Fulton County Superior Court overturned the Georgia six-week abortion ban, the Georgia Supreme Court has reinstated the ban.

The Georgia Supreme Court effectively overturned the ruling made by Judge Robert McBurney when they put the lower court’s ruling on hold while the appeal is reviewed.

When Judge McBurney ruled to overturn the six-week abortion ban on Nov. 15, practicing abortion clinics were able to revert back to the previous ruling in place.

This allowed abortions up to 22 weeks into pregnancy.

The ruling last week, which can be read in a previous article by FYN, allowed for an immediate change in policy at clinics and abortion centers.

The reinstatement by the Georgia Supreme Court allows the same immediate change to take effect.

Until the emergency appeal that was filed last week as a result of Judge McBurney’s ruling is formally considered, the six-week abortion ban will remain in place.

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