Short Takes – Dare We Peek Into Georgia’s Future

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Written And Submitted By George McClellan


Already, the word is out that Georgia Governor Kemp could lose his reelection bid to former GA 9th District Congressman Doug Collins who threw away his House seat and sub-committee leadership position because he was greedy enough to believe he could become Georgia’s GOP Senator replacing Governor Kemp’s pick of Kelly Loeffler. Oh, what a tangled web we weave!


The seed of this story came from a pollster, the Trafalgar Group, of whom I have no particular knowledge because I no longer subscribe to the acceptance of their alleged expertise or cling to their product as having validity since their main goal is to create fear and confusion in voters. Polls are weapons of propaganda and the Left-wing media have weaponized it to a fine art. 


Doug has to have more to offer than an average 75% conservative voting record to accomplish that.  But the Governor himself is between a rock and a hard spot because he stood against President Trump who helped get him into office, on the handling of Georgia’s stolen election crisis. To Trump’s base that has all the earmarks of knifing skullduggery, capitulation to the Marxist Democrats, or the expectation of some reward from some other hidden agenda. 


Despite President Trump praising him at a rally, Doug Collins doesn’t generate much enthusiasm because of his mediocre conservative congressional voting record (75%) whilst serving his constituents of the 9th District. I’m not doubting Doug Collins’s sincere desire to continue as a Republican politician, but it’s the old order he will sustain and we’re losing faith in the old Republican order because they strive to maintain the corrupt Deep State politics that got us into this mess. Clearly, Doug Collins was conned into thinking that to be in the GOP Leadership (deep state) was more important than saving America from encroaching socialism. Conservative voters want conservative results, not more Paul Ryan style BS! 


To his credit, Doug Collins performed splendidly as the ranking GOP member on the Democrat-run House Judiciary Committee, literally poking the Democrats idiot chairman Jerry Nadler in the eye at every opportunity in the concocted Trump impeachment trial. That was delicious to watch and was Doug Collins’ finest hour but it won’t overcome Georgia Governor Kemp’s personal Senatorial selection of Kelley Loeffler. Politics is a dangerous game that the Marxists do not intend to lose, ever again. It doesn’t mean they won’t but clearly, Georgia and indeed America needs a fighter, not a capitulator. Trump’s success set the bar very high for future leaders, so our next selection for governor must be carefully chosen and vetted.


Dare I believe that Kemp’s four-year term, like Brad Raffensperger’s role as Secretary of State, will be his last? Maybe, but it’s far too early now to make such predictions about governors and senators still two years down the road.


Trump castigated Kemp as “an obstructionist who refuses to admit that we won Georgia” and a  “fool” for his failure to demand signature verification especially on mail-in ballots, an election faux pas, that needs to be corrected immediately or no one will ever see the need to participate in the election process again. America is at a serious turning point, facing a one-party Marxist government that must turn totalitarian to stay in power.  It remains to be seen how the Democrats manage to steal Georgia’s two Senatorial seats tomorrow and what the Governor will do about it. The base is on the verge of taking action. The Marxist Democrats already have their AntiFa and BLM stormtroopers hitting the streets with naked violence, and Conservatives are getting tired of it.  

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em! (04Jan21)

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