Let’s Let China Go


Written by George McClellan

I saved over $200.00 last weekend shopping at one of our local DYI chain store outlets that
sells just about everything except underwear. Spring is here and like everybody, we need to get
our yard in shape. Most of our yard and garden tools were consumed in a recent woodland fire
that swept near our home and has to be replaced.

We needed yard gloves…Oh? Made in China, no thanks! Knee pads, oops, also made in China,
no thanks! Yard furniture, made in China, again, no thanks! When I calculated what we didn’t
get, it came to around $200, more or less. In reflection, these new tools and accouterments, while
nice, were not really that necessary. New, American grown Ash handles were far less expensive
than the Chinese made tools, they only required the effort to install ’em. We needed something
to do anyway to occupy us during this economy wrecking, phony China Virus shut down.

As Americans, we’ve got to ween ourselves from China’s cheap economy, in fact, the whole
world should. During previous administrations, American political advocates of the New World
Order conned us into believing American production of goods and services was too expensive
to afford, so we let China, Mexico, Bangladesh and other third rate world countries take over the
onerous job of making our clothing, shoes, tools, underwear and tons of useless junk. We got
hooked on cheap junk and think we can't live without it. That’s got to stop.

In 2016 America elected Donald Trump, a savvy visionary businessman who saw Americas
future turning socialist and wanted to stop it. We elected him to be our President and lead us out
of the economic morass the Democrats are determined to keep us in. Since NAFTA and the
TPA, China has walked all over America and Trump said: “no longer!” He promptly set about to
literally strangled China’s one-sided trade deals to the point their economy was in free fall and
ours started to rapidly grow again.

Then China’s Communist Party, criminals worse than the Clinton’s even, seized an opportunity
provided by an unfortunate laboratory accident and launched its China Virus on the world and
we’ve been in free fall ever since with our attention to the pandemic danger diverted by a
ludicrous Democrat Impeachment trial.

The Chinese Communist Party can afford to lose millions of their citizens; we can’t! Its computer
modeling on a grand scale full of fear and loathing and the”west” is on the dirty end of the stick.
Every time President Trump tried to correct the trade imbalance with China, or up the ante on
their imports, the political Left somehow interferes. Now it is the China Virus and the Democrats
are taking full advantage of the confusion to return America into the hands of the Deep State
looters who have been wallowing in Americas fiscal swamp for generations.

We desperately need to quit China. They need us, we don’t need them. When the opportunity
came China, temporarily at least, achieved its goal. Trumps phony impeachment trial gave
Chairman Xi Jingping an opening and he took it. He did what Trump does, walked onto the
stage, threw a grenade into the laps of the worlds media, and walked out. As intended, the
explosion was heard around the world encouraged by Chinas fellow travelers, the scientific
“experts” scaring the hell out of everybody.The Democrats anti-Trump propaganda machine
went into high gear and no matter what Trumps said in his daily briefings, it was challenged,
derided and ridiculed! Trump tells it like it is while their babbling idiot, good ol’ Joe Biden, is still
sequestered in his basement looking for an idiot running mate. Let’s quit China now!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ’em!

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