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Commissioner Bradshaw - Towns County

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Towns County Sole Commissioner Cliff Bradshaw announced the qualifying fees for candidates in the 2020 election, Jan. 21. The fees are calculated at 3-percent of the elected official’s salary, based on the previous year. Qualification will take place the first week in March, with the primary election for six county offices held on Tuesday, May 19.

The qualifying fees for the open Towns County offices are as follows:

Sole Commissioner: $1,407.54

Sheriff: $1,407.54

Coroner: $36.00

Tax Commissioner: $1.229.04

Clerk of Court: $1,229.04

Probate Judge: $1,578.31

Towns County Board of Elections Chair Janet Olivia and Elections Director Rachel Edwards attended the public meeting, explaining the updated voting process while displaying the newly-introduced ballot machines.  A total of 42 voting machines are expected to debut at the three assigned precincts, Olivia said.

Towns County election

Towns County Elections Director Rachel Edwards demonstrating the updated voting process.

A touchscreen device will record the elector’s vote, printing a ballot for accuracy review. The ballot is then fed into a scanning device which records the vote.

“If you recall when you voted in the past, you go in and our managers have to look up your name…,” Olivia said, explaining that the voting process should be quicker. “The new poll pads have a scanner on them.” The updated device scans the barcode on the voter’s driver’s license or identification card.

Senior citizens and disabled voters will be assisted by poll workers to the head of the line, Olivia said.

Concern regarding the small print on the printed ballots was raised by a citizen in attendance. Olivia said that reading magnifiers may be introduced at the voting precincts to aid electors with limited vision.

During the demonstration, Olivia announced that the election office is launching a Facebook page to keep the public informed. Towns County Board of Elections and Registration is located at 67 Lakeview Circle, Suite A, in Hiawassee. For additional information, dial 706-896-4353.

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Feature Image: Towns County Sole Commissioner Cliff Bradshaw


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