Towns County EMS visits children at local development center

Towns County EMS

YOUNG HARRIS, Ga. – Children at Towns County Child Development Center received a visit from Towns County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Thursday, July 18, and enjoyed an opportunity to learn about the functions of the newest ambulance added to the fleet. The children marveled at the lights and siren, and asked emergency medical staff questions about the onboard equipment used in emergency care.

Towns County EMS

Towns County EMS, Med 4

Towns County EMS added the additional ambulance to its fleet in late-May. The updated steel module carries twice the capacity than the one it replaced, necessary in the event of a multi-casualty accident. The module features a generator and bright LED lighting, allowing medics to function more efficiently in dimly-lit environments.

The vehicle is equipped with a growler siren system which sounds on an ultra-low frequency, physically vibrating and alerting drivers and pedestrians in high-density areas, such as intersections.

Towns County EMS, which consists of full-time and part-time paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs), responds to approximately 2,000 calls per year, additionally providing transfers from Chatuge Regional Hospital.

Feature Image: Towns County EMT Jonathan Wilson, answering the children’s questions.

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