Supreme Judgement Does Not Come from the Supreme Court

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Opinion written by John Tutten:

Do you feel like our country is coming under judgment? I mean judgment as is in Old Testament, wrath of God type stuff. While we are not being overrun by plagues of locusts nor is fire falling from the sky, do you not have the sense though that America is headed for some kind of reckoning and soon? Has God withdrawn His providence that we have enjoyed since our founding?

While I am a Bible believing Christian, I haven’t spent significant time pondering eschatology – the study of the events leading to the final destiny of mankind. There are many different valid, scholarly interpretations to end time events as foretold in the Bible. The most notable and popular today is the sequence laid out in the “Left Behind” series of books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, but interpretations by other Scriptural authorities paint different scenarios. For me then, I have just left it as a broad narrative that one day, Jesus will return and establish His Kingdom with those that have chosen Him.

So, has the end time clock started ticking? I think it has and has been ticking for a while. When Israel was reestablished in 1948, two thousand years after its destruction by the Romans, it was an astounding fulfillment of a three thousand year old Biblical prophecy. Most Biblical scenarios include the reconstitution of the Jewish nation as the gateway event to the ushering in of the last days.

The United States played a critical role in Israel becoming a nation again in 1948. However, most end time interpretations include virtually no mention of our country in the events leading to a new Heaven and a new earth. America is the most powerful and influential society in the world. How could we not be involved in any scenario of cataclysmic worldwide events? Maybe because something happens that neutralizes our power and influence.

Can anyone argue that our power and influence is on the wane? Financially we have transitioned from a creditor nation to the greatest debtor nation in the history of the world. We are fast approaching $20 trillion in operating debt. We really haven’t felt the effect of this yet because the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates close to zero.

So at this time, our interest payment on the debt is only about half a trillion dollars a year. What happens when rates begin to increase as they must and the interest payment rises to $1 trillion or $2 trillion per year? Social Security goes bankrupt much faster. Our infrastructure crumbles. Our military falls further into unpreparedness.

However, $20 trillion is just the tip of the iceberg. We have over $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities that are promised to our citizens (and all those illegals) that we have no hope of honoring. What do you think will happen when the government falls flat in providing all the goodies and handouts to all the entitlement classes Washington has created? It could mean total societal collapse.

If not a financial catastrophe, we could possibly see something more Biblical. The current Washington regime has aided and abetted the maniacal mullahs in Iran in their relentless pursuit of a nuclear weapon. We have removed sanctions, provided funding, restrained Israel, and allowed them to develop a capability to destroy our society with one missile. It’s called an EMP. By exploding a nuclear device a couple of hundred miles above our heartland, Iran could fry every semiconductor in the country and send us back to the early 1800’s. Many estimates show that only 10 percent of the population would survive after one year. A single flash in the sky could end our civilization.

So a financial collapse and an EMP attack are certainly possible, but to me the sign we are under unfolding judgment is already here and in plain sight. Just look at the leadership in Washington and its clear the pagans have infiltrated our government and are now plundering what took over 200 years and millions of lives to create and defend.

It’s our political elite that is charting our course to financial ruin. They are Balkanizing our society, separating us, and pitting factions against each other. They refuse to protect our power grid. They are seizing our liberty and freedom with thousands of regulations written by unseen bureaucrats skirting Constitutional rule. They promote the destruction of life in the womb. They are rapidly legislating Christian principles and beliefs out of the public square.

Biblical history shows that God will use heathens and pagans to deliver judgment to his chosen people who have fallen away. Whether they are Babylonians, Romans, or Marxists, God will use the spiritually dead to bring judgment to His wayward people. Our Constitution is being subverted, our borders are held wide open and our neo-Babylonian leaders who deceive and despise us are plundering our wealth.

However, the Bible makes it clear that there is a way out. If we humble ourselves before God, give Him praise and obey Him, then He will extend His mercy and grace upon us. I don’t believe anything short of the majority of this country turning back to God will save us. It’s time to put down the remote and spend time with Him.

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