Pay close attention before responding to any absentee ballot mailers

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HIAWASSEE, Ga – A group not associated with the Towns County Board of Elections, is actively mailing flyers and calling local voters regarding their absentee ballots’ status.

According to the mailer, these citizens have sent back their absentee ballots, but the state hasn’t yet received it. However, once voters call the board of elections, the county has accepted the absentee ballot in question.

These third-party flyers and callers don’t represent the Towns County Board of Elections or Secretary of State’s office. Citizens who find these mailers in their inbox can ignore it.

Review the Towns County Sample Ballot. 

Board of Elections Chairman Janet Oliva asked the people of Towns County “not to panic” because the flyers “aren’t from us.” They don’t make calls or send out mailers regarding voting issues. Anytime an official problem arises with an absentee ballot, an election official will verify who they are and issue a signed letter on their letterhead. It will also include a call back number for people to reach them.

If anyone has a question about their absentee ballot, they can contact the board of elections or visit the My Georgia Voter page.

Other counties in Georgia and other states, such as Wisconsin, are seeing similar flyers sent to absentee voters. 

Secretary of State unveils new absentee ballot request portal

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ATLANTA-Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger unveils a new online portal to make it easier for Georgia voters to request absentee ballots for the November elections. Georgia voters with a driver’s license or state ID card will now be able to request an absentee ballot entirely online.

“Georgia is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to expand access to the ballot and uphold the integrity of the vote,” said Raffensperger. “We are encouraging Georgia voters who are particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 threat to use our new online absentee ballot request portal to request absentee ballots safely and securely from their computers or phones. This new tool will help counties stay on top of the several million absentee ballot requests expected in November.”

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has developed a website that will allow Georgia voters to request an absentee ballot entirely online. Georgia voters will be able to request their ballot via the portal using their first and last name, date of birth, county where they are registered, and Georgia State ID or Georgia Driver’s License number. Voters will get a confirmation email that their request has been entered into the system. Also, voters can monitor their ballot status on My Voter Page.

The portal is available here

Absentee ballots requested for the November 2020 presidential election cannot be sent out before September 15.

In the past, Georgia voters had to download and print an absentee ballot request, then scan and email it or put it in the mail. This new portal saves voters effort and postage and will increase confidence that the request has been received by county elections officials. It also makes it easier and faster for county election official to process absentee ballot requests by minimizing the possibility of data entry errors.

While the State ID or driver’s license number provide a secure safeguard for requesting ballots, the ballots themselves will still be verified by matching the voter signature to their signature on file upon submission. A record 1.6 million absentee ballot requests were received for the June primary, inundating county elections officials. This portal will make processing the large number of absentee ballot requests expected for the November election easier for county election officials to process quickly and accurately.

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