Towns County Sheriff warns Abrams win could lead to violence

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Towns County Sheriff

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Towns County Sheriff Chris Clinton took a solid stand on social media in the days leading into the general midterm election, warning Georgia voters of what he believes will result in dire repercussions should Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams prove to be the victor on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Clinton – a self-professed Constitutional Conservative serving his third term as Towns County’s lead lawman – insists that the caravan of migrants swelling toward the southern U.S. border is nothing short of an orchestrated invasion.

“This is for real, folks,” Clinton cautioned, “This is an invasion that will end Georgia and America if it is not stopped. The left wants to destroy everything you and I love about our great state. Abrams and her out-of-state friends want to destroy everything we love about America.”

Black Panthers Georgia

In a shared post on social media, the sheriff added, “Vote Brian Kemp Georgia’s next Governor and stop this extreme and dangerous socialist agenda.”

The sheriff stressed that the motive behind the migrant caravan is to add future backup supporters for the Democratic candidate’s socialist cause, claiming that violent MS-13 gang criminals are embedded within the mass of the estimated 12,000 foreigners.

“MS-13 is an extremely violent and brutal gang with no more respect for your front door or your family than they have for any nation’s borders or civil authorities,” Clinton warned.

“Abrams thinks the folks doing all this are good people and should be allowed to join her cause,” Clinton went on to explain, “Meanwhile, she believes that the law enforcement officers risking their lives to keep us safe are like terrorists.”

Clinton concluded with an expressive plea for Georgians to cast their vote for Republican candidate Brian Kemp in order to “stop this radical, extremist, socialist, anti-American, anti-Georgian, anti-farmer, anti-law enforcement, anti-unborn child, anti-liberty” agenda.

The sheriff later reiterated his outlook in a conversation with FYN on Nov. 2. “I am certain that Towns Countians are informed and are doing our part,” Clinton assured, “Let us all pray for a healing of our nation. While praying, vote.”

Sheriff Clinton is scheduled to address the Town County Republican Party on Thursday, Nov. 15, speaking on the encroaching caravan, gangs, guns, and the opioid epidemic.

Towns County GOP meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Towns County Civic Center in Hiawassee. Meetings are open to the public.


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Towns County leaders weigh-in on massive early voter turnout

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Towns County election

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Early voting in the 2018 midterm election came to a close on Friday, and Towns County Board of Elections saw a massive turnout at the Hiawassee polling precinct. Of the 9,386 registered voters in Towns County, 4,030 residents chose to cast their ballots ahead of Tuesday’s general election. A total of 257 absentee ballots had been returned to the election board as of Friday afternoon.

The 2018 turnout rivals that of the 2016 presidential election. Two years ago, 4,564 of the 8,608 voters registered in Towns County turned up to cast early ballots at the polls, with 420 ballots returned by mail. Midterm elections historically do not draw such a high amount of voters to the ballot box.Towns County Election

FYN reached out to Towns County leaders and gathered their thoughts on the phenomenon.

Towns County Sheriff Chris Clinton believes that the south-of-the-border “caravan of criminals” that are headed toward the U.S. border plays a part in the impressive turnout at the Georgia polls. “The future of our nation and our state rides on this election. Anyone being honest about these caravans understands what is at stake. If the left wins, the caravans are just the beginning. If the Republicans stay in, I’m willing to bet they turn around,” Clinton warned, “We must stop this madness or we will cease to be a sovereign nation…They aren’t coming for jobs or safety. Mexico offered those. They sure aren’t coming to be Americans. Those aren’t American flags they are carrying during these border assaults.”

Sheriff Clinton recently endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, reiterating on Friday that Stacey Abrams’ “radical, socialist ideas are extremely dangerous.”

District 8 State House Representative Matt Gurtler is optimistic that Georgia will remain a “red” state, adding that according to the Secretary of State’s office, Georgia has seen the highest early voter turnout in the state’s history during this year’s general election. “Our district is the most active in the state and the most conservative by far,” Gurtler explained, “I expect to see the 8th House District in the lead once again this coming Tuesday, and I believe and have great faith in the people of Georgia, that we will see a ‘red wave’ sweep the entire state.”

While Towns County Republican Party Chair Betsy Young is enthusiastic,the GOP leader believes that the race for Georgia’s next governor, in particular, is tight. “I think this is going to be close, but if only legal voters vote – all Democrats and Republicans – we will win. The area around Atlanta will be heavily Democrat, but I believe some who have never voted anything but Democrat will vote Republican because of two things: hate by liberals and their awful demonstration of it, along with the economy and immigration.”

“The fate of our state and our county is at stake,” Towns County Commissioner Cliff Bradshaw expressed, “Towns County realizes how important this election is for our future, and I’m very thankful for that.” Commissioner Bradshaw served as Master of Ceremonies at a recent “Get Out the Vote” event sponsored by the Towns County Republican Party.

While the four local leaders agree that the high voter count is good sign for their affiliated political party, the Republicans stressed the importance of an equally healthy turnout at the polls on election day.

Towns County polling precincts will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Count on FYN to deliver local election results as soon as they become available.



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Towns County Sheriff endorses Kemp, considers Abrams “clear and present danger” to way of life

Towns County Election

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Towns County Sheriff Chris Clinton officially endorsed Republican Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, stating that it is, “imperative that we protect our state from the insane radicals who would fundamentally change our state, our nation, and even our beloved county…”

“In my brief 50 years, I have not witnessed a time when America was so polarized,” Sheriff Clinton explained, “We live in a time when the mainstream media is actively and openly lying to viewers. We find ourselves living in a day when public officials appear to be encouraging insurrection, perhaps even treason. The left is no longer interested in civil discourse. Evelyn Beatrice Hall’s famous statement, ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it’ is no longer spoken of in the halls of higher learning. Rather, the left has resorted to the use of paid mobs to bully and intimidate conservatives. Most of us were taught to believe in absolute truth. We are now told we should sit down and shut up as the so-called ‘narrative’ of the left trumps any and all fact. ‘Guilty until proven innocent’ appears to be the new motto of the left.”

Sheriff Chris Clinton Towns County GA

Towns County Sheriff Chris Clinton

“Most of us were taught right from wrong, taught to fear God, to respect others, to tell the truth, and many of us were advised that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all,” Clinton continued, “We were taught to love our country.  In school we learned how our nation’s founders risked their reputations, fortunes, lives, and the lives of their sons to purchase with blood the freedom guaranteed by the Constitution of these United States of America.   These wonderful human beings we call police officers, who place their lives on the line each shift, leaving their own precious families at home to go out and protect others, were the good guys.  We taught our children to trust them and reach out to them if they needed help.  Now children are being taught to fear the police.  Who will they turn to for help?”

“These values represent the Georgia and America that I love and believe in,” the sheriff expressed,  “This is the state and nation in which I grew up and want to raise my children in.  Our home and heritage are currently under siege by the left.  My friend Brian Kemp shares our belief in the greatness of Georgia and America. His opponent, a socialist, wants to erase the Georgia we know and love.  Whereas Brian Kemp has been a friend to Georgia law enforcement, a friend to Towns County and a friend to all Georgians, his opponent is currently suing Georgia in an apparent attempt to find some liberal judge who will allow illegals and non-Georgia citizens to vote in our elections.

“Many Georgians may not know that Barack Hussein Obama’s Department of Homeland Security attempted to hack into our state elections database during the 2016 elections.  Brian Kemp, our Secretary of State, not only stopped them, but under his leadership, the malicious attacks were traced  back to the DHS.  All we heard on the news were red herring reports of ‘Russian collusion.’ The appointed leftist leaders of the formerly revered FBI, were not only leaking information to the press, but were apparently intentionally deceiving federal judges, and the America people with a phony, paid for, deception.  The very same folks were simultaneously clearing Hillary Clinton of any wrong-doing prior to even an interview.  Think about that: the FBI being used as a political weapon.  That is the vision the left has for Georgia and America.”

“These are just some of the reasons it is imperative that we elect Brian Kemp our Governor of Georgia.  I have known Brian personally for many years,” Sheriff Clinton stated, “I consider Brian Kemp a friend and can attest to his deeply held conservative beliefs and values.   More importantly, Brian Kemp is an unflinching leader who is unafraid to speak the truth in the face of a malicious press.  I would be honored to call my friend Brian Kemp my governor.  Brian Kemp is a proven leader we can count on. His opponent presents what I consider a clear and present danger to our very way of life.”

Clinton encouraged voters to elect a team that will support a Brian Kemp administration.

“We cannot allow the insane behavior that has been occurring in Washington, D.C. to infect the State of Georgia,” Clinton concluded,  “I cannot state this strongly enough: to protect Georgia as we know it, we must elect Brian Kemp our Governor, Chris Carr for Attorney General, Geoff Duncan for Lieutenant Governor, and Brad Raffensburger for Secretary of State.  It is imperative that we protect our state from the insane radicals who would fundamentally change our state, our nation, and even our beloved county into a place I wouldn’t want to live, much less raise my children in.  Please stand with me and let us finish this drill by electing conservative, God-fearing, Republican candidates who will protect Georgia.”


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Chatuge Gun Club hosts 10th Annual Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes fundraiser

Towns County Sheriff's Office

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Chatuge Gun Club, sponsored by Towns County Sheriff Chris Clinton, hosted the 10th annual fundraiser for the children of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes (GSYH). “A good time was had by all” was the statement of Chatuge Gun Club President Ed Jones, strongly seconded by Sheriff Clinton, along with those that participated in the event.

Each year for the past decade, Sheriff Chris Clinton and the Chatuge Gun Club has partnered to raise money for Georgia’s most at-risk youth. The children, through no fault of their own, find themselves in need of someone to care for them, teaching them the skills they will need to become successful adults.Sheriff Chris Clinton

Over ten years ago, Sheriff Clinton went to Chatuge Cun Club President Ed Jones with an idea.  There had, according to the Sheriffs’ Association, never been a fund raiser for these children in our area. Thankfully, that has changed.  Out of that meeting came an annual partnership that has consistently helped Towns County be one of the “Top Ten” contributors to the GSYH per capita.  When one considers there are 159 Georgia counties and five with GSYH campuses, that in itself is impressive.  Towns County has reached the number two spot for top contributors and has never been lower than the top ten since Sheriff Clinton and Chatuge Gun Club members teamed up to help provide for these children in need.

This year, rather than a trap shoot, gun club members suggested a steel plate match.  The interest was high and the event was a huge success with ten teams of five.  It was a fast-paced day with two relays of five firing at two different stations.  Meanwhile, down on the lower range sat a dueling tree where many a competitor challenged friends to a race against each other on the dueling tree.  The dueling tree has six swinging arms and starts with three on each side.  Competitors try and get all six targets to their opponent’s side, with a total of twenty rounds and at least one magazine change.
This year’s event drew good participation from law enforcement, with deputies from Towns, Union, Rabun, and Fannin County Sheriff’s SWAT participating.  There were plenty of good-hearted rivalries and more than one called out for a match on the dueling tree.  At times, the dueling tree gave shooters the opportunity to redeem themselves after a bad run.  Other times, it added insult to injury.  No one forgot that it was about having a good time for a great cause.  At the end of the day there were no injuries but maybe a few bruised egos, with a promise to return next year more prepared.

Chatuge Gun ClubMany of the deputies from surrounding agencies asked Sheriff Clinton when the next match would be.  “That was a first this year. I think the excitement is high for shooting steel and being able to go head to head on the dueling tree,” Sheriff Clinton said, ” It gave these deputies time to reacquaint with old friends, meet new ones, and have a great time of fellowship and good-hearted competition and all the proceeds go to help children.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.”
Sheriff Clinton thanks Ed and Verlee Jones, Thad Bynum, Duane Mowrey,  and all the volunteers (too many to name) from the Chatuge Gun Club for their hard work and willingness to give of their time and effort to help these children.  Sheriff Clinton would like to thank their sponsors for making this all possible.  They were: Dr. Dan Eichenbaum, MD, PA, Bynum Insurance Agency, Crane Creek Vineyard, Jacky Jones Ford, Correctional Resource Group, Southern Health Partners, Twiggs Construction, Coosa Creek Marketing Products, and Combined Public Communications.

Sheriff Clinton would also like to congratulate Union County Deputy Brandon Hogsed for having the top score as an individual shooter.  Hogsed, along with second-place shooter Deputy Seth Dyer, led Union County’s team to a first place victory.  The top five competitive shooters were:


  • 1st Deputy Sheriff Brandon Hogsed – Union County
  • 2nd Deputy Sheriff Seth Dyer – Union County
  • 3rd Deputy Sheriff Bill Conway – Towns County
  • 4th Sheriff Chris Clinton – Towns County
  • 5th Tom Halasz – Chatuge Gun Club


Top five teams were:


  • 1st “Ragamuffins”
  • 2nd Union County Sheriff’s Office
  • 3rd Towns County Sheriff’s Office (Team Five)
  • 4th Towns County Sheriff’s Office (Team One)
  • 5th Bynam Insurance


All individual shooter and team scores are available at

Towns County Sheriff’s Citizen Law Enforcement Academy (CLEA) volunteers are planning a third annual fund raiser for the GSYH on Oct. 27 at Sundance Grill in Hiawassee with food, drinks, and live music by The Chris Clinton Band, George and Andy, and Bill Rinaldo from 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  Tickets are on sale now.

For more information, contact Towns County Sheriff’s Office at 706-896-4444.


Robin H. Webb

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Sheriff’s Office seizes vehicle, over $13K in drug distribution arrest

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Joseph Carson Loog

Joseph Carson Loog

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – On the morning of Saturday, Sept. 22, Towns County Sheriff’s Office deputies conducted a traffic stop on a 2003 Black Chrysler PT Cruiser on Kelly Road in Hiawassee. Towns County Sheriff’s Office investigators assisted the deputies with the traffic stop. Upon investigation, the vehicle was impounded and a search warrant was obtained.

Towns County Sheriff’s Office arrested Joseph Carson Loog, 41, of Paris, TN.

Loog was charged with the following crimes:

  • 1 Count Violation of Georgia Controlled Substance Act, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute
  •  1 Count Violation of Georgia Controlled Substance Act, possession of methamphetamine
  • 1 Count Violation of Georgia Controlled Substance Act, possession of marijuana
  • 1 Count Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon
  • 1 Count Possession of Firearm during the Commission of a Felony
  • 1 Count of Giving a False Name to Law Enforcement
  • 1 Count of Driving on Suspended License
  • 1 Count of No Proof of Insurance
  • 1 Count of No Seatbelt

Towns County Sheriff’s Office Investigators, during the course of the investigation, seized a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser, $13,973 in cash, a 9mm handgun, a portable scanner, a set of scales, along with other miscellaneous items.

The investigation is active and ongoing; additional arrests and charges are probable.

The case will be forwarded to the Enotah Circuit District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Loog is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Feature Photo: (L-R) Investigator Jay McCarther, Sheriff Chris Clinton, Lt. Aaron Deyton


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Calvary Alliance Church hosts Appreciation Luncheon for Local Public Safety

Community, News
Calvary Alliance Church

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Calvary Alliance Church hosted a hamburger and hot dog cookout for Towns County Public Safety employees on Tuesday, Sept. 18, in a show of appreciation and support. Reverend Brian Schmidt , along with church members, welcomed first responders from each of the public safety divisions to the luncheon.

Towns County Commissioner Cliff Bradshaw and Towns County Sheriff Chris Clinton were on hand in show of gratitude in reciprocation to Reverend Schmidt and church members for the outreach of support for public safety personnel.


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Sheriff Clinton addresses dangers of distracted driving

Sheriff's Desk

From the Desk of Towns County Sheriff Chris Clinton:

Over the years I have often commented that I wished most people had experience riding a motorcycle, as most riders learn very quickly to pay attention to other drivers and take responsibility for their own safety.  I bought my first street bike in 1987 and over the years the skills I learned that first year or so have continued to serve me well.  Of course, I have continued to learn, but the basics remain the same.  I realize that most people never own or even ride a motorcycle, nor do they have the desire.  Some even think those of us who do ride should not.  That being said, I thought I would offer some tips that apply to all vehicles that, if practiced each time you drive, should improve your safety and those around you.  These tips apply not only to motorcycles, but can and should be used by any driver of any vehicle.

Sheriff Chris Clinton Towns County GA

Towns County Sheriff Chris Clinton

Driving distracted is a serious problem on our roads today.  We have all sorts of laws addressing it, two more recent ones on everyone’s mind are texting while driving and hands free driving, but the real issue is being distracted by anything.  One should always be alert and scanning the roadway ahead, paying close attention to what is behind and on either side of you, as well as your instruments.  Scanning keeps you from getting locked onto something for too long which causes accidents.  According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), one should never remain focused on something for over four seconds at a time.    In my opinion, four seconds is a very long time to not be scanning.  While scanning, one should always be looking as far as possible down the road for potential hazards.  Be mindful of potential hazards and where your potential “escape routes” are located if you need to avoid a collision with a distracted driver.  By knowing what is around you, you have a better chance of finding a safe escape route.  It doesn’t do much good to avoid one collision only to create another.

Following too closely is a problem I see often.  Georgia’s Emergency Vehicle Operations course advises law enforcement officers to leave a two-second reactionary gap between your vehicle and the one in front.  I follow MSF’s rule of remaining three to five seconds behind the vehicle in front.  The reasons are:  This gives more time to react, especially if you were looking elsewhere when the trouble ahead occurs.  It also allows you to see much further down the road and watch for hazards.  I often see people so close that they can’t possibly avoid striking the vehicle in front of them if it were to strike something.  In that situation the second driver can’t see anything except the vehicle in front of them and haven’t left time to react if that driver makes the mistake of striking something ahead of them.    Simply pick out a spot ahead and as the rear tires of the vehicle in front of you cross it count to yourself one thousand one, one thousand two, etc.  Make sure you get to three full seconds at least.  Try it and notice how much more you can see what is going on down the road.

Another piece of advice is to not drive faster that you can see, regardless of the speed limit because that might be posted too high.   By this I am talking about curves, hills, or any other thing that prevents us from seeing further.  When approaching a curve, etc., one should only travel as fast as they “can see.”  When entering a curve or topping a hill etc., make sure you can safely stop the vehicle in the distance that you can see.  We can’t know what is beyond our field of vision.  Often people start into a curve already pushing the speed, only to find it suddenly becomes a sharper turn than they can negotiate at that speed.  Heading west off Clayton mountain, there is a smashed up guard rail.  We work a lot of wreck there for this very reason.  People enter that curve faster that they can see to drive.  While that is bad enough and some have been seriously hurt, it could be worse.   I’ve witnessed a lot of tragedy in this profession, much of it avoidable by taking a little extra care.  Maybe it isn’t that the curve is too sharp, maybe you know the road well, but what if someone’s child is chasing a ball, but you couldn’t see that.  Wouldn’t we want to be able to stop in time?  I use that example because like many officers, I have had to witness the horror when someone drives faster than they can see while distracted.  A mistake like that can often be avoided beforehand, but can never be called back.  Stay safe, friends!


Robin H. Webb

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Decision to arm school faculty moves forth

Towns county Schools

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Towns County Schools Facility Director Roy Perren spoke with Mountain Movers & Shakers on the morning of Friday, Aug. 24, on several subjects – one of which was the process taking place within the school system to ensure students and staff remain safe on campus.

Towns County Schools Superintendent Dr. Darren Berrong and Towns County Sheriff Chris Clinton attended the forum, with both officials addressing the issue.

In light of the recent decision reached by Towns County Board of Education to station a second school resource officer on campus, along with an announcement to arm select faculty members, the room filled with local residents paid close attention to the limited details offered by the three officials. Due to the sensitive nature of the matter, based on the solid logic that individuals who may intend to cause harm should not be made privy to specific information that could potentially assist a perpetrator in the fulfillment of a detrimental plan, the trio of leaders adequately ensured, rather, that proper procedures are producing a viable security system. Towns County Sheriffs office

“School safety is something that’s very important to all of us,” Director Perren began, saying that many in attendance likely have children or grandchildren enrolled in Towns County Schools, “We take it very seriously. Last time I spoke we were planning on having a table-top drill with the emergency management agency. We had it that following Monday. It went really well, and we’ve got people in the community, everybody’s on the same page as far as what we would do in the case of an emergency, whether that would be an active shooter or any type of emergency that might come up in school. We’re really working out getting that plan.”

“We also trained our teachers, and I mentioned last time, in a program called ALICE,” Perren continued, “That stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate. It went really well. The teachers, I feel, felt empowered by it, how they would act in case there was an emergency, and how they could not just be idle, and sit there and get shot, which is unfortunately how, over the years, we’ve trained educators to be, is that, you lock down your room, turn off the lights, and you all go hide in the corner, and wait for somebody to come get you. The main thing we would want to do in the case of an emergency is to be to get out. If there’s any way to get out of the building, we would want to do that. Get them to evacuate.”

Perren advised that if escaping isn’t an option, barricading within the facility is the next best choice, followed by countering the attacker.

Several table-top discussions have occurred over the summer months, in conjunction with Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), with officials from the full-scope of local first responder agencies taking part in the school safety endeavor. According to Perren, an active shooter drill, which will consist of county and city law enforcement, firefighters, and medical staff, is planned to take place in the coming months. The drill will be conducted at a time when classes are not in session.

School Superintendent Berrong stated that strict protocol will be imposed when allowing limited faculty to have access to a firearm to counter a threat in the event of an active shooter scenario. Berrong assured that extensive training is a necessity, and noted an importance for responding law enforcement officers to have the ability to adequately identify an armed protector from an armed intruder.

“I feel comfortable with what’s being done, and I’ll continue to work alongside Dr. Berrong and Mr. Perren to provide the resources needed to succeed, ” Sheriff Clinton told FYN after the meeting, “We’re all on the same page. It’s an ongoing process that is being given due diligence. The safety of Towns County students is top priority for everyone involved.”



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