Facing The Peril


Opinion written by George McClellan:

We’ve all seen movie scenes of people walking across beds of hot coals or struggling bare footed and naked crossing a cactus covered desert, but nothing, nothing, appears harder to do than run a conservative government with a bunch of useless damn Democrats in the way.

After three election cycles, the American people finally all but reduced the influence of the once powerful, but dangerous socialist Democrat Party to near irrelevance. So, why, why do they still command center stage? Why do they feel compelled to act as if they were still all powerful and influential to America’s future? But, more importantly, why do the Republicans let ‘em?

With endearing spokespersons like Maxine Waters screaming for Trumps impeachment, Nancy Pelosi, garbling answers to questions she doesn’t even know the answers to and Chuckie Schumer claiming how “shocked and disappointed” he was that Trump did this or that, it’s apparent they’re not going to get very far without serious help.

If they had the guts, Republicans could seize the day and actually push the Democrats out the door. Sadly, they don’t seem to have the will to fight or win against anything the Democrats are doing to stop Trump. They just seem to go along to get along with whatever they and the ultra-left wing media scream about every day. It is apparent of course, that Donald Trump is actually threatening a combined, corrupt political machine long entrenched in the American body politic, to the point that he could actually succeed so, he presents a real and present danger to their own futures that must be neutralized, at all costs.

The political discourse for the past several years has always fed into the Democrat agenda, subverted years ago by the social philosophy of Marx & Lenin to reshape the American character from one of personal responsibility and self-reliance to one of total reliance on government. That scheme, decades in the making, was so near fruition that the sudden appearance of a once in a life-time character like Donald Trump, threatening to destroy all of their slow, methodical and incremental preparation, has created their near hysteria, imperiled their future and clouding what’s left of the atmosphere of decency and respect, with a cacophony of noisy threats, accusations, and political attacks against everything Trump does.

For President Trump, the first peril to draining the swamp, while at the same time trying to run a government, rebuild a broken military and repair a shredded foreign policy left over from the previous regime, is the remaining Marxist acolytes not yet purged from government offices, bureau’s and departments, the source of most leaks. Neither can we neglect the forth estate, the ultra-leftist media, now all in to the purging of President Trump instead.

The Democrats are approaching the mid-term congressional elections with the same naive determination of a Christian pastor preaching Christ’s love in a mosque. They need to regain their numbers in both houses of Congress so, they fill the ether with pleas for donations to save the party. Georgia’s 6th Congressional district and Montana’s Senatorial campaigns, are just two cases in point. In both, the Democrat message is always the same, attack the incumbent or the Republican Party. Make President Trump a villain and therefore their support of him, almost criminal, but never, ever, under any circumstances, present an arguable need for America to return to the path of socialism. The fight will be long and hard and not helped by non-cooperating Republicans. Somewhere, there has to be an end to the RINO Republicans like McCain, Graham, Collins & others. It will come but we must be patient. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (18May2017)

The Comey Memo…and other stuff!


Opinion written by George McClellan

For the Left, the current Comey memo constitutes a serious frisson event. The controversy now enveloping the White House is not about investigations, the former FBI Director’s firing, Lt.Gen. Flynn, revealed secrets to Russian diplomats or White House fence jumpers. It is totally and completely another opportunity for the deranged ultra-leftist media to destroy Donald Trump and his administration, and do it fast before he can finish drawing the swamp. Simple as that!

The Donald is like a lightening rod. I have a hunch he does a lot of it on purpose so we can all see how dysfunctional and out of control the media really is. Since 2008, voters have seen how awful the previous administration was and it took three election cycles to remove the new Marxist Party (Democrat), from the game card. Chuckie Schumer, supposed leader of nothing, can’t get to a microphone fast enough to bloviate in somber tones, predicting America’s imminent demise at the hands of the loose cannon, Donald Trump, rolling around recklessly on the deck of the ship of state.

The firing of Director Comey was in-artful, but still everyone could see it coming. Humiliated by the process, Comey, a political creature right from the swamp, will become a weapon of the Left to continue the attack on Donald Trump. Comey’s memo, shared with a NYT reporter via telephone conversation, has not been seen, yet it is considered to be ‘revealed truth’ and as important to exposing Trumps’ inadequacies as finding a lost book of the gospel proving Darwin was right.

Wouldn’t it be fun if President Trump rehired James Comey just to see how fast the Democrats could change positions again? Former Director Comey will never be a model of rectitude. He blew that with the Hillary Clinton investigation. Indeed, it was an obstruction of justice for Comey to present a case for Clinton’s carelessness that revealed state secrets (a crime) to our enemies while declining to recommend prosecution because Clinton lacked intent.

I cannot avoid believing the Directors recommendation to have been part of the secret Lynch/Clinton tarmac meeting. He thought he should step beyond his duty to shield Attorney General Lynch and give her cover for not being forced to prosecute what was Clinton’s clear violation of laws that specifies “intent” is not needed for a crime to have been committed. This especially applies to violations outside penal codes, the laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the proper handling of classified materials. Materials includes documents, manuals, equipment, software, hardware, and anything that pertains to government operations deemed classified.

The whole story will probably not be known, to us anyway, until years have passed. Comey had to know the Clinton fix was in, and his shocking “no reasonable prosecutor” comment really meant “no prosecutor in this DOJ”. But, so long as he had gone this far, a rarity in FBI proceedings, he should have laid out enough evidence to show culpability, and then say, “it is now up to the Attorney General to decide on whether to bring charges or not.”

Comey is a team player for the Left so his true mission was to protect the process, not the results. If he had not, he would’ve been fired then and there and Lynch would have been insulated. As it is, she now becomes one of the dominos, standing in line behind Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, et. al. always fearful of facing prosecution for their misdeeds, unless..Trump can be neutralized and made redundant. Is that too much to ask of a loyal swamp creature? Fall on your sword and give one for the “Gipper?” Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (17May17)

Is Schumer For Real?


Opinion by George McClellan:

The dysfunctional Democrat Party, still in free fall from their election loss to Donald Trump and seeing a future that no longer includes them…. well, let’s face it, a future no longer controlled by them, will resort to anything to prevent that from happening.

Chuckie Schumer, Senate minority leader, doomed by events to never be the majority leader, always struggling in the shadow of Harry Reid, is doing all he can to disrupt the new Trump administrations choices for high government office. Actually, it’s all he’s got left because his mentor, Harry Reid, made it impossible for Democrats to use the filibuster because good ol’ Harry left them the “nuclear option.”

Presently, the question is who will be the new FBI Director. Schumer pledges to halt the selection unless and until the Asst. Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, appoints a Special Prosecutor to investigate the non-story of the Trump-Russian affair. I might add that he makes no such demand that the DOJ should pursue its investigation against the RICO infested Clinton’s and their scheming, money grubbing Foundation that sold American uranium to Russia. But that doesn’t matter. It’s only important to hound Trump to his ultimate destruction. Ain’t gonna happen baby, because there is no evidence of a crime, will never be evidence of such a crime and will be another waste of taxpayer money. Anyway, there is more than enough to put Hillary and her crony’s away for good.

Schumer and his coterie of slavish anti-Trump followers, have lost control of their cognitive thinking skills. They have ignored the old adage: “never interfere with your enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself,” not that I think Trump is killing himself. Trump is trolling Schumer and the good Senator rises to the bait, chasing shadows while Trump continues to dismantle Obama’s legacy. Schumer believes the polls that tell us Trump’s popularity is going down a rat hole. Well, nobody believes those pollsters anymore. He believed Hillary would be president too, and, by his actions is continuing to show people what the Democrat Party is really made of, the inmates from the asylum. Do we want these people leading us in the future? I don’t think so!

The Leftist media is becoming confusing, especially as they are the drivers of the anti-Trump campaign, independent of the Democrat Party. Dana Perino, Bush era White House spokesperson and now Fox news commentator said, “everyone thinks everyone else should resign.” That about sums it up. Currently the constant vocabulary that hourly flows through our ears if we stay tuned to the political news, and who can’t, is resign, resists, special prosecutor, authoritarian, investigation, collusion, Putin, Russia, Nazi’s, disrupt and delay.

The Democrats are certifiably dysfunctional. They cannot, nor will not accept that Trump was elected and Hillary wasn’t. Trump gets to appoint judges and justices, even conservatives ones, to the Federal bench. The Left can’t accept that. Trump is enforcing the immigration laws, not making new ones. They can’t stand that. He is pro-life and pro Second  Amendment. That’s awful! Trump is in good company as a jack ass, but so are all the rest of them and in the wake of the corruption left by the Clintons and Obama’s destruction of America, there is little Trump could do that could do any worse damage. His goal, and he’s pursuing it, is to make America Great Again while Schumer and company insist in keeping America in the swamp.

Do we really want these dysfunctional, screaming leftists in charge of our government again?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (15May17)



The Attacks Will Continue…


Opinion written by George McClellan:

I am really becoming weary of the constant media attacks on Donald Trump on any excuse for every minor, nonsensical little thing he say’s, does or tweets. I am becoming even more unhappy with the direction Fox News is taking in pursuing the attacks against The President.

Presently, it’s the Comey thing. Really, who cares? Comey should have been fired immediately he spoke out on the US Attorney Generals behalf on Hillary’s Clinton’s criminal investigation, inviting her the exculpating her crimes because she lacked “intent.”  The media is now in the selection game for new Director of the FBI. They won’t be satisfied unless it’s Merrick Garland.

Will the attacks never cease? No, of course not. The President had hoped for a boost of momentum following the House vote on the Republican Health Care Bill, to help push the up-coming tax reform legislation. Don’t bet on it. That don’t want tax reform, they want a compliant, dependent voter base in lock step with their ‘stay in power’ goals.

Trump is a lonely figure standing in a strange room surrounded by his enemies. He is a business and they are political. He makes money, and provides jobs and enriches every one he involves. So, why not America he asks? Politicians create nothing except misery. They print the money and steal more from the taxpayers so they can “invest” in socialistic projects that tie voters to their apron strings keeping them in office. What’s not to understand here?

The House and Senate, while in GOP hands, still functions at the will of the corrupt world financial and business establishment who are the real “deep state’ running our government. Trump appeared suddenly, out of nowhere with promises to the American people to “drain the swamp.” He’s trying, but the swamp is deeper than he thought. That task won’t be completed, if ever, until long after Trump is replaced in eight years by an equally strong personality who wins the electoral vote. Watch for Republicans in bipartisanship agreement with the democrats, work to change that. They can’t have any more Trump surprises in the election process.

The GOP congress is not Trump’s friend and the Democrats are not indurate enough, at least as far as it pertains to their declining relevance as a political party, to do much about it. The geriatrics of their leadership has seen to that but it hasn’t stopped ‘em from trying.

The country was given a gift when the Democrats failed after three elections cycles, to realize that their ideas were no longer relevant except, of course, to those who are still in public meltdown over Hillary’s loss. So, the New Estate (CPUSA) media, has taken up the cudgel of Trump bashing with vigorous intensity and the attacks will continue. Remember, Trump is a successful business manager, not a loathsome, corrupt politician and the media will create any story they want to get him.

To illustrate my point, on today’s Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace directed his show mainly to the Comey issue. Again I ask, who cares? Karl Rove, the consummate establishment insider fixture on Wallace’s round-table, took full advantage to attack Donald Trump with his version of how Trump should behave, what he should do or not do, perform or not perform. It’s all couched in terms of ‘appearance’, with suggestive comparisons to Nixon’s Watergate that aren’t there and, they will keep hammering away on Trump as if he were a failed President. The real secret is, he is not a failed President and they haven’t found the method to take control over him yet. The president needs our continued active support.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (14May17)

The New Estate


Opinion written by George McClellan:

I’m coming around to a concept that, because it is so near it can’t really be seen except when some significant event should occur that draws specific attention to itself. That significant event is the continuing dismay over Donald Trump’s election. It is the bizarre fact that the new CPUSA, or whatever one wishes to call it, no longer resides within the bosom of the Democrat Party, i.e.: Schumer, Pelosi and company, but in the colossus that is the floundering main street media, the forth estate so to speak, particularly the cable networks. They have rallied from their shock and are pushing the marxist narrative, the Democrat party be damned.

The raging demands of White House reporters, editorial staffs, commentators, essayists and etc., appear to be in unison, dedicated to destroying Donald Trump or neutralizing any appointment he makes, any E.O. he signs and challenging any statement he offers. They don’t wait for Chuckie Schumer or Nancy Pelosi to pontificate on issues, but force them into making absurd comments, then running with their own commentary anyway. Anderson Cooper and Rachael Madcow are but two good examples, not to mention the awful example of disrespect Lester Holt of ABC showed to the President in his one on one interview.

The Comey firing presents the latest example of media dysfunction. The media expect certain reactions to follow predictable outcomes and when they don’t get them, they manufacture ‘em. All agree Comey usurped the authority of Attorney General, Loretta Lynch in his confirmations of Hillary Clinton’s high crimes and misdemeanors then telling the world she lacked intent, and therefore would not be prosecuted, while at the same time sending other classified document offenders off to prison for lesser, but still serious offenses.

American’s, who voted Trump for President, see no justice here. They see that media corruption is as rampant as the establishments and are perplexed that the media does nothing to help the President press his winning promise to drain the swamp, but actually gets in his way by spreading fake news, lies and innuendos, challenging his every decision, remark and action like he’s an uninformed idiot. The media is the new enemy of constitutionalism since the old Democrat party is but a vague shell of itself, a mere shadow on the wall of political events, ineffective, redundant and obsolete. But, not wanting to appear as anything other than a fair “news source,” the media pretends to be concerned with events, while at the same time they drive them or worse, create them. Republicans are clueless on how to respond.

Sundays cable news shows, starting with Chris Wallace on Fox, and Chuck Todd on his channel, and others, want to appear to be objective in their lines of inquiry but whenever they meet the slightest opposition by a ‘guest’ they are interrogating, they push back with a degree of vehemence we’re unaccustomed to seeing. Interviewers should at all costs be phlegmatic but Wallace has even gotten testy when his assumptions are challenged and worse, when they are denied. His body language in his chair is a dead give-away, reinforced by overrunning the guest speaker with one new question after another leaving the question, not the answer to hang as a truth. It all appears to be an attempt at “gorkking” that satisfies only the interviewer who can then assume viewers agree with him. “Sorry, The matter is settled because time has expired.”

I like Reince Priebus as an interviewee. He doesn’t take any crap off Wallace the several times I’ve seen him and indeed, he’s the only one so far, that makes Wallace squirm in his seat for a better launching position, one supposes, for his next stupid question. It’s from the arena of public concern that changes must come.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (12May17)

This Comey Thing, “Misprision” or not?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Crimes of “sedition” are not common jurisprudence in America although it take place with daily regularity. They were tried once but flew in the face of the 1st Amendment and were abandoned almost as fast as they were enacted by colonial era outrage. Briefly, “Sedition” is conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of the state or monarch. America was founded by sedition against George III and should not be denied to future populations.

In today’s highly charged political atmosphere only the Democrats and their propaganda machine the Leftist media, outwardly conform to the pure definition of “sedition.” Their aim is to incite people to rebel against Donald Trump and the Republicans. In some undemocratic countries, Venezuela for example, they would already be in prison or executed.

James Comey, the former FBI Director, a clumsy bureaucrat who sought through rhetorical machinations to redefine the meanings of law (intent), and the meaning of responsibility by declining to focus on the real high crimes and misdemeanors apparent to nearly everyone simply to protect the Progressive candidate, caused his own firing. He was political.

Comey usurped the authority of the equally seditious Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and succeeded only in damaging his personal reputation and destroying the confidence of the FBI Special Agents Corps. in his leadership. These actions caused undue turmoil for the boss and  it’s really not a good idea to irritate the boss, especially one who is attempting to deconstruct the long entrenched corruption that is the DC swamp in which Comey revealed himself as a denizen. Comey must have thought he was dealing with stupid people in President Trump and the White House staff. So, for this essay, sedition is out but, the crime of “misprision” is not.

There are three basic elements to misprision, i.e: concealing a crime, that apply. First, is   seditious conduct against the government or courts, already mentioned. Treason applies here but that requires positive evidence far beyond circumstantial, to even be considered, with first hand witnesses testimony, that sort of thing. Many of Obama’s senior staff could, by their conduct under cover of authority, be investigated for treason, including Obama himself, simply by his willful violation of the Constitution and the crimes against Americans they perpetrated.

To his credit, Comey did not flinch with Lynch after her hoped for secret meeting with Bill Clinton was exposed. For Lynch, her conduct was a misprision, being a collusion, with intent, to affect the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. These are felonies. In this case, it specifically focuses on Lynch’s neglect or wrongful performance of official duty.

The final element of misprision includes the concealment of treason or a felony by one who is not a participant.  Here, the field is wide open to criminal investigation requiring strong leadership in the highest levels of the criminal justice division of both the DoJ and FBI. Politics takes a hand here as well, with political party’s jockeying to avoid having their schemes exposed as either stupid or criminal, what ever applies, and keeping their people out of jail.

By congressional agreement, the Director of the FBI was granted a ten year term not to be interfered with by politics. It was necessary that the director not be political or make the FBI a political machine for either party, but to protect America and its Constitution. Comey failed here in all parts and that’s why he’s gone. When Trust is gone so is efficiency. Trump did what he promised to do, continue to drain the swamp. Comey could not be trusted. He’s gone! Simple!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! 11may17)

Facing the Future


Opinion written by George McClellan:

So, the Republican House has finally passed an excuse for a Repeal and Replace bill of the Unaffordable No care Act, aka: Obamacare. Don’t bet on it. Be suspicious, very suspicious. Trump is a populist and as such, he’s combatting not only the now childish Democrat party of useful idiots, apparatchiks dedicated to a socialist America but, more especially, he’s facing an entrenched “establishment’ party cunningly disguised as conservative Republican’s, equally dedicated to his destruction because he’s promised to root out political corruption in our body politic, i.e.: Drain the Swamp. Remember, the ADA was only a wealth transfer scheme.

It would seem the Democrats role in the “establishment” government has been seriously eroded in the last three election cycles and in their demise, unaccustomed as they are to losing, they want to take Republican’s, what’s left of ’em, with them.  Alas, If only that were the case. The Democrats (Marxists) will never die. They will poke up here and there like weeds in a garden that constantly need hoeing and a populist Americans will be forced to contend with them seemingly forever, until they should recover and take all. There will be no more “next times.”

America’s war with Socialism, starting with the collapse of the Soviet Union, will be a never ending contest of wills, between those who believe governments purpose is to provide all for its denizens, from cradle to grave, and those who don’t. Education is not required in their plan because government will do all the thinking. How’s that been going so far?

Others, schooled in Constitutional republicanism, where citizens are allowed to compete in a free market and rise or fall according to their abilities is anathema to socialists and a danger to their plan. Education is cherished in this environment because a thinking citizen is a free citizen and a free citizen is a producer, not a taker.

The Left uses the term “Nazi” as a club to shut down dissent, debate and free speech. It’s only a word but its connotation is fearful, or once was. Except for the odd neanderthal “skin heads” and outlaw motorcyclists who fancy themselves as bad characters, we don’t have a problem with Nazi’s any more because upon the conclusion of World War Two, the victors swarmed over Germany and conducted a brutal program of denazification.

High Nazi Party officials and military General Staff officers complicit in the crimes of the Third Reich, were imprisoned, tried and either executed or jailed according to court verdicts. In the field, lesser officials were likewise apprehended and tried, without the burdens of a public Nuremberg scenario, and shot or hanged according to the desire of the occupying force that captured them. Many others were disposed of in extra-judicial proceeding and others were hunted down and terminated in foreign countries where they hid but, Germany was denazified.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, without war or occupying forces, the poison of Marxism continued to roil about and spread in the educational systems of western countries until, by slow degrees, the children of the West, as Marx predicted, became the socialists and anarchists we face on our streets today. The fascist phenomena of a spreading Islam is just another piece of the radicalization of the west, a long term Soviet plan that never stopped functioning just because the Soviet Union collapsed. What happened to Gorbachev, the USSR’s last leader? He’s operating a Think Tank in San Francisco. Look at the dysfunction of our government today. Its the lingering result of Marxism still doing its dirty work. We must be constantly aware. Trumps victory did not stop the rot, but it is a good beginning. We must never, ever give up.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. No,w, go get ‘em! (05 May 17)

What’s Wrong With “Queen” Hillary?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

What is it with Hillary Rodham Clinton? She just won’t go away. She won’t quit or accept the inevitable, the one clearly decided by the electoral vote, that she lost. She will not be President; she will never be President, but she’ll be a constant pain in the butt until she’s finally jailed.

Remember the scene in the movie Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy throws a bucket of water at the burning broom and it splashes on the Wicked Witch of the East who then promptly proceeds to melt? That’s exactly how I see Hillary right now, in meltdown screaming “Oh, all my lovely wickedness destroyed by a brat.”

I suspect in a few years, colleges and universities that teach psychiatry, will closely study the life that is Hillary Clintons with minute scrutiny as the best textbook example of a psychotic, desperate psychopath, a conditioned narcissistic liar and a dysfunctional sociopath, emotionally crippled by not getting what she wanted the instant she wanted it. To be labeled a ‘Queen,” when one is specifically not, is the starting point for the derision that follows, the “queen,” in Hillary’s case, never realizing the hyperbole of the supposed honor.

New police officers, in their initial training at their police academy’s are taught some of the rudimentary but dangerous aspects of mental derangement to look for as a means of self defense when confronting violators. This is true for simple traffic stops but especially more important when responding to domestic dispute situations. In Hillary’s case, how does a Secret Service protection detail protect the President from his outraged spouse who throws lamps and crockery at him?

If reports from Hillary’s former security details members have any validity, and none have been disputed yet, then Hillary fits the model of one who is to be handled very carefully lest her derangements ends up in uncontrollable tantrums and regrettable violence.

Hillary’s crimes, both as Secretary of State and as a private citizen running for high office are inexcusable and certainly would be to the ordinary citizen like General Petraeus, for example, or any former government employee who did what she did. Over the decades Hillary has created for herself the myth of inevitability. Her will is so great, her turn to be the first woman president was pre-ordained and her right to it is incontestable. These are examples of the derangement syndrome that affects not only her but her many equally deranged followers.

Nut houses are filled with people who believe they are the reincarnation of Genghis Khan, Napoleon or some other swaggering hero of ages past. Some are certain they came to earth as travelers on a space ship and got left behind. Maybe Hillary is one of those.

This woman is an emotional time bomb ready to go off. Her reappearance on the public stage continues her delusion and no amount of counsel will move her from her derangement, the continued belief that she should still be President, and was entitled to it, the Russians not withstanding, is evidence enough. After the November 8 election and its disastrous outcome for the still disbelieving Hillary Clinton, her supposed therapeutic walks in the woods could actually have been hazardous to small animals and children at play, yet she still believes she’s a contender. Ain’t gonna happen sister! She’s a loser, twice, and will get no more chances. Her time is up and the Socialists had better dump her quick and move on. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (7May17)

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