Rep. Matt Gurtler: First out of trench, last to step off battlefield

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Matt Gurtler

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – State House Representative Matt Gurtler is intent on bringing principles back to politics, and the District 8 leader appears reinvigorated after attending the recent National Liberty Coalition Annual Summit, Young Americans for Liberty National Convention, and the Georgia House of Representatives Republican Summer Caucus.

Gurtler, a staunch proponent of local control, fiscal responsibility, and free markets, is serving his second-term representing the citizens of Towns, Union, White, and Rabun County at the State Capitol.

Gurtler says that the summit, convention, and caucus provided opportunities to discuss pertinent matters such as government accountability, transparency, and the importance of principled policies.

“We must have a higher standard when it comes to voting, always putting principles first, and we need to get rid of the idea that the ends justify the means,” Gurtler guided, “This is where we see so many politicians ‘sell out.’ Doing the wrong thing is never the right thing. The way we get to places matters, and we must always try to do the right thing, even if it has a cost.”

Matt Gurtler

Rep. Matt Gurtler

Never one to mince words when referring to an “establishment” mentality embedded inside-and-out of politics, Gurtler asserted that state leadership does not “take kindly” to those who stand on strong principles, and lack apparent appreciation for those who seek the truth.

The Republican representative shared leadership advice offered to fellow legislators at the National Liberty Coalition Summit. “Always be the first out of the trench, and the last to step off the battlefield,” Gurtler asserted.

“Make no mistake, we are in a full-fledged war right now of ideas, a great turning point in our nation’s history,” Gurtler continued, “The collective against the individual, and this is most abundantly apparent in the clear leftist ideology that dominates academia, the media, and Hollywood. These three fields have massive control over public opinion, and are trying to shape our public policies toward a centralized State. We must be aware of this battle, and always fight to maintain our Constitution, conservative principles, and values. The values this great nation was founded upon: freedom, self-determination, and prosperity. Equality of opportunity for all, not equality of outcome.”

Gurtler says plans to create a House Freedom Caucus for the upcoming legislative session are in the works.

“Over the years, I’ve seen so many of my colleagues – including myself – become frustrated at the status quo, and how the establishment influences members to vote a certain way,” Gurtler explained, “Usually, the establishment is pushing for more big government policies, and there is no alternative group to seek a more conservative opinion and guidance. I believe now is the time to get organized and give the new incoming members, and current members, a real conservative group that truly believes, and more importantly votes, the principles of the party. We have a plan and a vision, and I’m excited to lead this charge so we can get Georgia back to a more conservative state. The Freedom caucus will be a game-changer, and the conscience of the party.”

(Feature Photo: Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia)


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