• Changing Leaves

    By: Jacob Williams, UGA Extension Agent for Towns and Union County This time of year you’ll see leaves start to change colors. In the mountains the colors can make a beautiful sight. But why don’t evergreens lose their leaves, and why are there all the different colors? Let’s talk about it so that as the […]

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  • A Possible Path Forward

    The Democrats, in their desperate need to stop Donald Trump, continue in their nefarious antics to delay, obfuscate, lie, cheat and steal to prevent President Trump from Making America Great Again. America can start to heal when the Marxist/Democrat party is no longer a threat. The Senate Judicial Committee hearing of Supreme Court Nominee, Bret […]

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    The bitter vitriol that was the funeral of Senator John McCain was a celebration of the coming together of all Trump haters and bashing him in a second-hand swipe disguised as eulogies. Most likely, Senator McCain, would have enjoyed the day and approved the tone of his last hurrah. His daughter, Meghan McCain, spewed out […]

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  • Collapse or Political Theatrics?

    The skinny figure of Obama racing onto the American political stage in a fruitless attempt to claim credit for Trump’s economic success is one visible symptom of the inevitable collapse of the Democratic party. Or is it? The theatrics of politics is often funny, sometimes hypocritical and ofttimes dangerous, the players not skilled as thespians, […]

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  • “And, Here Comes Baraky! “

    Sorry, but using Johnny Carson’s stage entry line as a metaphor in an essay may be a bit churlish but damn it, it fits. That cheap schmuck Barak Obama simply couldn’t stand it anymore and had to come clambering back onto the political stage like he was really wanted.   Trumps robust America, almost out […]

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    Continuation of DEAD CHILD YES, BUT MEDIA IS TO BLAME. By: Candace Hardin The plot thickens in the New Mexico compound for training school shooters as the prosecutors from Taos County question the malnourished, mistreated children being trained to carry out school shootings. It seems that the leaders of this group were out to “confront […]

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  • Making Choices

    Every day, we all are faced with making choices. Some are automatic like a shave and shower and tying our shoes, but the really hard ones, what to wear, what to have for breakfast and how to avoid work that day, actually requires some thought process. Other are made easy for us like the News […]

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  • Justice Denied, Again?

    The word is out there but for some inexplicable reason, it hasn't caught fire that Hillary & #39s hacked email server caused the executions of all of America’s human assets (spies) in China. Perhaps it’s because the Republican candidate for Florida’s governorship used the racist word “monkey” and the deranged media went nuts again. The […]

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