• The Turmoil of a Republican Presidency

    Opinion by George McClellan: Has it dawned on anybody yet, the supreme importance of not only defeating the Clinton machine in the general election, but of neutralizing, at the same time, the influence of Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, & etc. if either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump succeeds to the Presidency? There is […]

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  • Replacement Underway

    Opinion by George McClellan: We are in a “Catch-22” Situation. The grassroot voters, those Americans who now see clearly that we are losing our constitution, our culture and our country to proponents of bigger and bigger government, have also made it quite clear that the old, unbending, corrupt GOP, long in league with the Democrat […]

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  • Mr. John Richard Hudson: Obituary

    The Cochran Funeral Home of Hiawassee announces graveside services for Mr. John Richard Hudson who passed away on March 7, 2016. Mr. Hudson was born and raised in Tampa, Florida moving to Young Harris, Georgia in 1996. He was very devoted to his family. Mr. Hudson retired from a career with the United States Air […]

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  • Mr. Joseph Gerald Holmes: Obituary

    Cochran Funeral Home of Hiawassee announces memorial services for Mr. Joseph Gerald Holmes, who passed away Saturday, March 5, 2016. Born and raised in Hiawassee. Gerald joined the Navy after high school in 1952. He married Wanda Garrett in 1956 and moved to Atlanta after leaving the Navy. They raised their children in the metro […]

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  • Reagan Couldn’t Get Elected Today

    Opinion by John Tutten: I am beginning to believe that if Ronald Reagan were alive today and running for president, he would never be elected. He might not even win the Republican nomination given the state of our culture today. His landslide victories are fading fast in our rearview mirror and I doubt we will […]

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  • Will the Real Contestants Please Come In and Identify Themselves…

    Opinion by George McClellan: Mitt Romney came, he saw, he stumbled… and confirmed my original pre-debate assessment that his enlistment to denounce Donald Trump as the very personification of wickedness and evil was simply the establishment Republican’s latest desperate attempt to save the Republican old guard from the destruction they truly deserve. The GOP is […]

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  • Only in America

    Opinion by George McClellan: Progressive politicians and Republican ‘Elites’ who have freed themselves from the demands of logic and compensate by distorting facts to support theories, have set America on a crash course to oblivion. Should that unhappy event actually occur it will be a thousand years of turmoil before any other such experiment in […]

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  • Reply to Congressman’s Collins Letter

    Personal to Congressman Collins, I read your statement as published online by FYN.  Congressman Collins Statement  I am assuming that it is true and correct. I am very concerned that in my opinion this statement violates your oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Bottom line: No government body in our country can do […]

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