• Apple vs the FBI

    Opinion written by John Tutten: Something really stinks about this dust up between the FBI and Apple.  Don’t you wonder why their dispute was made public by the government?  If the FBI was really concerned about protecting we the people, wouldn’t they want to keep secret the fact that they cannot crack into the latest […]

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  • The Attacks Begin

    Opinion by George McClellan: I see panic in the streets, politically speaking, at least on the GOP side. The campaign phenomena that is Donald Trump, now clearly acceptable to the conservative voting masses and destructive to the old time political formulas of success, has thrown the soon to be unemployed consulting class and news maker […]

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  • Atlanta International Auto Show Returns in March

    The Atlanta International Auto Show will celebrate its 34th anniversary when it returns to the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) on March 9-13, 2016.  It is produced by the Metro Atlanta Automobile Dealers Association (MAADA). Not only is the Atlanta International Auto Show the largest annual consumer event held annually at the GWCC, it is […]

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  • Repeat a Lie Often and Loud Enough

    Opinion written by James F. Davis: If you repeat a lie often and loud enough, people will believe it, even though no evidence is given to prove the charge. This is especially effective in winning low information voters if the media wants the lie to be believed. Politicians caught lying tend to accuse their opponents of […]

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  • The Coming Great Struggle

    Opinion by George McClellan: Some have complained that the polemics that issue from my little essays leave an aura of communal destruction in them against which they feel they must protect themselves. But still, they are assuaged by the deeper feelings of political understanding that leaves them sweating with anticipation, trembling in fear and uncertain […]

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